Asian Obesity Rates Are Very Low: What's The Secret?

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It’s amazing when you consider just how low the Asian obesity rates really are. In many cases when you read up on this, the percentages can be as low as 11% of the population and that may even be a bit inflated. For the most part Asians tend to be in control of their weight and really never struggle with the obesity epidemic. When you compare to other parts of the world it really draws attention to the culture as a whole. What are they doing right to maintain such low rates? How can the rest of us try to make changes that will mimic this and keep us from being obese and unhealthy?


When you look at the Asian obesity rates, you will often find that about 10% or less of the population falls into this category. The numbers may vary but across the board, there is a very low incidence of people that are in this type of situation. Compare that to the US for example where it is upwards of 35% of the population being obese, and that’s not even as high as it has been reported in some cases. You start looking at what the Asian culture does to take care of themselves. They are not diet obsessed, they are not focused on eating certain food groups, and they certainly don’t fall into the latest diet trend or fad.


It’s All About Balance That Ties Into These Stats


The reality is that the reason that Asian obesity rates are so low is that they eat whole foods in the proper way. As a whole this is a culture that eats a lot of fish and vegetables as a main staple. Sure they enjoy certain carbs such as rice and things of that nature, but the key to their eating is also moderation. Though they may enjoy foods that the typical American diet would say is off limits, they never eat the huge portions that are associated with the American culture either. Eating the right foods and practicing proper portion control is what it’s all about in the end!


So when you want to get some insight into the Asian obesity rates it’s really all about balance. This is where you practice eating properly, and learn to truly take care of yourself. This is all tied into the fact that as a whole the Asian culture enjoys better health as well and natural anti aging. If you can learn to eat properly, ignore the latest fads and trends, and focus on balanced and proper eating then you can defy the latest obesity trends and focus on healthy living. We can learn something from such a healthy culture indeed!