How to Enjoy French Fries in a Healthy Way

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Some people love their French fries. In fact, it can be downright impossible for some dieters to give them up entirely. Thankfully, there are ways to enjoy French fries in a healthier version. This is good news to those who love fries in their many different forms. Though a little bit can go a long way, many still worry about the empty calories and lack of nutrition associated with fries in general. That being said, you may be able to put a healthy and enjoyable twist on this food. You can have your fries and enjoy them in a whole new, healthy way.


Begin by thinking through healthier options for making those french fries. You may want to start by making your own fries at home. You may assume that homemade fries couldn’t possibly taste as good, but you have total control over the taste of fries made in your own kitchen. Start by slicing potatoes thin, or even try a healthier twist and slice sweet potatoes for a more nutritionally balanced version. You can simply coat the slices in some olive oil and sea salt and then bake them at a high temperature. This way, you get all the delicious crispness of fries but don’t get overloaded with calories or fat. Making your own French fries can be a great way to cut unwanted fat and calories!


Find and Enjoy Your Healthier Twist


Another option to consider for french fries is to cook a store-bought brand of pre-made fries in a healthier way. You may find that oven-baking these fries, rather than frying them up or sautéing them in a bunch of oil, makes for a much better alternative. Be careful of the sodium content, but know that this can be a great way to give into your craving on occasion without your body paying the price . You may think that the only way to enjoy fries is from a deep fryer, but you will find that these healthier options make for great ways to enjoy fries without ruining your diet.


As you go about preparing some healthier French fries, do take the time to get creative. Make your oven-baked fries and then add some homemade turkey chili and a sprinkle of cheese for a healthier yet substantial version. The key is to give into your craving, but in a relatively healthy way, and then to add some fun twists. No matter what, remember that virtually anything in moderation is fine. You can get all of the delicious taste of French fries even while maintaining your healthy lifestyle.