Why Fried Foods Are Bad for Your Health

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You hear all the time that fried foods are bad for you, but do you really know why? As we work to try to be healthier and lose weight in the right ways, we know that fried foods are off limits. The problem is that when we don’t understand the reason behind such advice, we tend to ignore it. If you know the facts that make a certain food bad for you or off limits, you may find it easier to abide by the rule--that is, you are much more likely to make better choices and stick with a healthier regimen. So if you find yourself wondering what the big deal is with these foods, it’s time to learn once and for all.


As you are wondering why fried foods are bad for your health, understand that it all starts with the way they are prepared. Most of these foods are dipped in a very fattening batter that lacks any nutritional value. Then they are deep fried in oil--and not the type that is good for you, either. Eating these foods makes you feel sluggish, slows you down, and makes you tired. This cooking method is going to pack on the pounds, offer absolutely no nutritional value to you whatsoever, and sap you of any energy or focus. They are bad for you and will always cause you to gain weight if eaten in excess!


Issues Now and for the Long Term


The problem of why fried foods are bad for your health doesn’t just stop at weight gain. If you eat these foods over time, as a main staple of your diet, then you can fully expect that you will have other problems, too. You will likely develop high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This means that the body is working too hard, the heart is doing extra work, and your sodium levels are skyrocketing. Overall, your health is taking the hit for these choices. Though they may taste good, these fried foods sabotage your health every time you eat them.


If you’re still not convinced that fried foods are bad for your health, then think of the long-term implications. If you eat these foods regularly, you may suffer from heart disease; the weight gain can lead to diabetes; and you may even put yourself at greater risk for cancer. When you eat these foods that are so bad for you, you hurt yourself now and can put your long-term health at risk. It’s important to avoid these foods if you want to be your best and avoid long-term health problems.