Why Most Americans Don't Get Enough Fiber

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You know that it’s an essential part of any good diet, and yet most of us simply don’t get enough fiber when you break it down. This can come as surprising news to many people because they are sure that their diets are well under control in this sense. If you eat some fruits and vegetables here and there you get fiber, right? Sure you may eat fiber in a certain amount, but are you really getting enough? Most of us can’t honestly say “yes” to that question when we look at our daily diet. It’s about how much fiber we get on a daily basis and throughout the week too. This is about featuring a key nutrient in the short term and making it a regular fixture in our diets moving forward.


If you really think about it there’s a good reason that most of us simply don’t get enough fiber and it’s easy enough to fix. The first thing to consider is that many of us turn to processed foods in a number of different ways. You may turn to fast foods or packaged foods out of convenience. You may even turn to “diet foods” to help your weight loss efforts. Whatever the reason may be, you are using foods that are void of nutrients and that includes fiber. You could be eating on the go or trying to prepare yourself with foods that you can easily grab, but most of these lose fiber and other nutrients in the process. You can quickly and easily combat this if you instead take the time to prepare and cook healthy and natural foods on your own.


You Need To Change The Way You Eat


Another thing to consider as to why exactly you just can’t get enough fiber is that you probably aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. If most of us are being honest we may enjoy a tiny little salad here and there, but we don’t feature fruits and veggies on our plates at every meal. These are powerhouses in terms of nutrients, and they just so happen to be loaded with fiber. Though we may fool ourselves into thinking that we eat enough of them, most of us are deficient in our intake of fruits and veggies. So that being said, we find that if we’re lacking fiber it has everything to do with this powerful food group. If you want to increase your fiber intake, then eat more of these gems.


The long and the short of it is that most of us don’t get enough fiber because we’re not making enough of our own foods. We’re going out to eat too often and we can’t control the fiber consumption when dining out. We’re not taking the time to eat enough beans and legumes, seeds, or nuts that are full of fiber. We really need to get back to basics and this will help us to consume the fiber that we so desperately need. Not only can eating a more natural and whole diet help with weight control, but it can also help you to be at your peak health. This is how to get to the right type of diet, and fiber is a key element in that consumption.