Leanest Protein Sources

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We hear so much about the importance of certain food groups, and that’s why the search for the leanest protein sources is on. This is a very good focus because the right type of protein can benefit you tremendously. Not only can it help you to lose weight properly, but it can give you the power that you need to make it through a challenging workout. The right type of protein can also help you to rebuild and repair after a busy day, and therefore keep the body functioning properly. There are so many wonderful benefits to protein, but it is important to note that not all types are created equally. You do want to opt for lean types because you get all of the benefits without any of the drawbacks.


When you consider the best and leanest protein sources, you want to think of the basics. Sure meat is going to be included on that list, but you want to go for the best types. You can enjoy chicken and turkey and even pork, but be sure that you go for the lean cuts. Trim away all visible fat and go for white meat over dark meat as that’s where the lean protein comes in and the fat goes away. The same holds true for beef though you may want to limit this. Be sure to opt for lean cuts always and trim away all visible fat. You may find that substitutions work well though such as ground turkey or chicken over ground beef. Get creative and always go for the leanest possible cuts!


Be Creative and Think Outside of the Box


Another thing to consider when you look at the leanest protein sources is that it doesn’t have to always be meat based. You can gain all of the benefits without the fat if you focus on non-meat options. Sources can include soybeans, tofu, edamame, nuts and nut butters, beans and legumes which pack great protein per serving. The beauty is that they are not animal based proteins so you get all of the nutrients without any of the fat. This makes for a great way of eating without the harmful side effects and fat.


The leanest protein sources can be comprised of a nice mixture of things. For example you may find that enjoying hummus with a vegetable sandwich adds the right punch. You may find that adding Greek yogurt to a smoothie adds that perfect amount of protein. Adding seeds such as flaxseeds to a soup or even beans to a main entrée can take up the protein quota without any of the additional fat. Using the leanest forms of protein can really help you to lose weight, get healthier, and make for a wonderful and balanced lifestyle overall.