Sodium Requirements And Why We Need It

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The average adult should not consume more than 1500 to 2300 milligrams of sodium a day. This is according to the FDA sodium requirements. But we do need sodium to protect and foster the health of our nerves and muscles--this is important because our nerves are what run our body and when they are impaired--they make disease in the body that could become serious.


Why we need sodium:


Most people don’t need to pull it down to 1500 milligrams unless we are in the special dietary needs group. These groups do account for half of the population at least. And these groups suffer from diabetes and heart disease as well as obesity and this is what generally causes these conditions.


What is the real issue with sodium?


Salt has taken a bashing for so long now, that we have begun to look at sodium as an unnecessary evil when in fact it is very necessary. The form that we normally take it in is iodized salt in the shaker and this is a problem because this is what causes the aforementioned issues. Sea salt is one of the best ways to meet sodium requirements and luckily it is inexpensive and found nearly everywhere. But, the issue is not only just steering clear of the iodized stuff--it is where you are consuming it from that you don’t even know about. You must read labels on everything! That means cereal and canned foods--even things that you don’t think will have sodium in it will have it and sometimes in surprising abundance. So, suffice to say that you can be taking in far more than you need to be and not realize it. Many people stop cooking with sodium and then wonder why their sodium in the body is so high.


What happens when I don’t get enough sodium?


There is a condition that is caused by a severe drop in sodium. Today, there are so many people that are drinking water on a daily basis for their health. This is a great thing in and of itself but--this is also a danger if you drink too much water because you will throw your sodium level down considerably. It is hyponatremia and can cause nausea, dizziness and vomiting. If you leave it untreated it will cause a person to go into shock and could even kill. So, this condition is nothing to sneeze at.


The key is to balance your intake and remain cognizant of your sodium intake so you are not getting too little or too much and stay well within your sodium requirements.