Advertising with Weight Loss Center is pleased to offer the opportunity for other companies/sites to advertise with us. Your banners on Weight Loss Center's highly visited pages are designed to attract the attention of the visitors and divert them to your site.

With over 50,000 unique visitors every month and 1000's of weight loss and diet queries being generated everyday, we ensure pure traffic to your site. Your company/site shall be advertised through a banner, which would be hyperlinked to your existing site. This gives the visitors direct access to your site and they can move there, just by clicking on your banner. 

Banner Location and Prices offers you banner space on the homepage. Banner placement on content pages will also be considered in some cases. You have three highly visible advertising spaces to choose from - top page banner, bottom page banner and side page banner, so that you can attract the target visitors to your site. If you require, will design a banner for your company/site for placement.

If you are interested in advertising with and would like more information on various locations and their corresponding monthly advertising costs, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.