Dr. Kushners Personality Diet

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For individuals looking for a diet different from all the rest, Dr. Kushner’s Personality Diet might be right up your alley. Aside from the basic formula of fasting, reducing calories and exercising to lose weight, Dr. Kushner also offers a personality quiz to figure out why you have managed to put on the weight in the first place. According to Dr. Kushner’s theory, some people put weight on for different reasons. Losing weight and keeping it off is also difficult, for a wide range of various personality reasons. By using the Personality Diet, those interested in weight loss are finally able to determine why their personality might be hindering them from getting rid of those pounds and keeping them off for good. Dr. Kushner believes that once those sabotaging issues are dealt with, the dieter will no longer be held hostage to emotional reasons for weight gain and will be able to shed unwanted weight permanently.


The online personality quiz is comprised of 66 questions and asks lots of personal questions regarding lifestyle, emotions, personality, stress and so forth. This questionnaire is an important step to offer dieters insight on how they view food and consumption, exercise and coping mechanisms. Becoming more aware of why and how an individual reacts to emotional, physical and environmental issues gives them the tools to change harmful life patterns that enables him or her to lose weight and keep it off.


Dr. Kushner’s Personality Diet has a variety of pros that make it a great choice for those who want or need to lose weight. The personality diet program is completely custom-designed for each individual based on the results from the personality quiz. The resulting meal plan is designed for each person to fit in best with their lifestyle and needs. With the personality diet, each individual is offered a meeting with Dr. Kushner through email, and support boards are available for questions or comments. Workout demonstrations are offered online, so that those in the program are able to keep up with an adequate exercise routine. Unlike other diet plans that reduce calories and amp up exercise to lose weight that is put back on once the diet it over, the personality diet is one that looks into emotional reasons why weight isn’t being lost and offers the individual tools to make positive lifestyle changes for good.


The cons for the Personality Diet are that it charges a standard monthly fee of $4.99 per week. However, there are multiple-month savings plans that reduce the weekly fee as low as $2.29 a week, which is very reasonable for dieting support such as this. With any of the plans, there is a onetime charge of $19.95 for initiation. Additionally, this diet is not vegetarian, but many of the meals focus on less red meat and more fish, poultry, and vegetarian dishes. While removing red meat from a diet might not bother many, there are those who will be hesitant to eliminate it from their normal diet.

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