Gold Coast Cure

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An ‘alternative’ wellness program created to alleviate health problems, the Gold Coast Cure claims success in the treatment and prevention of such medical conditions as inflammatory diseases, debilitation from chronic pain, and even MS (Multiple Sclerosis). The authors, surgeon Dr. Andrew Larson and his wife Ivy Ingram Larson a certified fitness instructor, together created a diet to fight Ivy’s own diagnosis of MS. The book the “Gold Coast Cure” published in 2006 lays out the lifestyle that they accredit to defeating her disease and keeping her MS symptom free for the last eight years.


Their next book “Fitter, Firmer, Faster Program’ including DVD, was released a year later refining the 5 week program. The diet portion is based on eating organic whole foods rich in fiber and micro nutrients. That means “trans fats in the trash can”, radically limiting sugar and refined flour and out with the saturated fats. Vitamin and mineral supplements are covered as well as a section on overhauling your child’s diet. The program has a comprehensive fitness plan as demonstrated by the authors themselves in the photographs.


Their alternative lifestyle plan claims to effectively treat high cholesterol and blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, and asthma with none of the side effects commonly occurring from mainstream drug rehabilitation. All MS sufferers and others living with debilitating situations are encouraged to work with a physician through any lifestyle changes

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