The Rosedale Diet

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Dr. Ron Rosedale, an expert on metabolism and the head of Advanced Metabolic Labs, has come up with yet another low carb diet but with a twist. Through research he has learned that controlling leptin, a hormone that controls hunger, is the answer to weight loss. Other than the leptin factor this diet is very similar to The South Beach Diet. His book entitled ‘The Rosedale Diet’ published in 2004, discusses at length the benefits of a high fat, very low carbohydrate, low protein diet plan. His list of good fats includes nuts, olive oil and fish, whereas starchy carbs, most fruit, grains (including whole grains), milk, all other dairy, and sugar are completely removed from the menu plan. He stresses the importance of eating lean proteins, only fibrous carbohydrates and lots of high fiber vegetables while heavily restricting caffeine and alcohol consumption.


The Rosedale Diet program also includes the use of dietary supplements. Lots of supplements – are you ready for this, not one, not two, but 17 supplements per day to be taken at specific times and intervals. Could this be because his company is also in the supplement manufacturing business? Dr. Rosedale also dedicates 25 pages of his book to the use of supplements. Taking such a large number of supplements everyday is not only unnecessary but it is very costly, not to mention what a pain in the ass keeping track of that may pills would entail.


The “meat and potatoes” of the Rosedale diet plan is the exercise component. Dr. Rosedale is insistent on daily physical activity starting immediately with day one of the diet. He recommends 15 – 20 minutes of mild exercise daily such as a walk around the block after dinner. He further advocates the inclusion of some type of resistance or weight training to balance the exercise program.


This diet has been found to be very restrictive and quickly becomes difficult to adhere to. There is a great deal of food prep involved, so as well as being costly (don’t forget those supplements) it is also extremely time consuming and therefore unpractical for many. Others have reported that the book was difficult to read and even harder to follow.

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