The Ultimate Sex Diet

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Sex, sex and more sex is the prescription for weight loss found in the pages of Kerry McCloskey’s book ‘The Ultimate Sex Diet: The Super Sex Diet That Works”. The author recommends participating in loving sexual intercourse three to five times during the week and once or twice a day on week-ends. This diet book is more of a lifestyle than nutritional promotion. Although McCloskey, is a non expert in the nutrition and dietary field, she has researched her topic well. The “love diet” offers no meal plans or recipes nor any foods to be avoided, just the simple philosophy of eating low fat/high fiber reduced portions of healthier foods to increase the sex drive which raises self esteem or self worth which in turn increases the libido.


The Ultimate Sex Diet author wants you to “prepare your food as if making love to it”, to enjoy your food in a relaxed ambiance, chewing slowly and to then lick your lips for a good 5 seconds after you swallow each bite. She insists that beverages must be taken through a straw. And say goodbye to exercise and hello to sexercise, as you and your partner are encouraged to romp together in the nude.


If you follow this simple advice not only will the pounds melt away you will have a darn good time losing it. Research has been done that shows regular sexual contact can improve overall health and wellness by boosting the immune system, lifting depression, raising cardio values and even prolonging life. But for people with jobs and/ or children, as much fun as it may seem, the Ultimate Sex diet might just prove downright impossible.

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