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Meal Based diets are very diverse. They are built around custom meal plans that avoid certain food groups or food types, or focus on a narrow margin of food types. For example, the popular Cabbage Soup Diet is a meal based diet that instructs dieters to just eat cabbage soup for weight loss. Of course, some meal based diet programs can be deficient in essential vitamins and minerals depending on their food restrictions.


Some Meal Based Diets can also be used to treat and/or prevent certain ailments and diseases. For example, the meal based Omega Diet focuses on loading a healthy diet with food sources that contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3 Fatty Acids, when consumer in larger quantities with a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.


Meal based diets will either offer their own foods for sale, or will provide an assortment of recipes that are within their diet regime. Some find meal based diets helpful to keep them from snacking and eating less healthy foods, however other people find that meal based diets, when done for longer periods of time, can become boring and repetative.


*The information and reviews provided for these Meal Based Diets is for informational purposes only. Weight Loss Center does not endorse any of these weight loss programs as a safe or effective means to lose weight.


Meal Based Diets Reviews

  • ABC Diet
    ABC Diet
    There is more than one possibility for the ABC Diet. The less popular version (and much harder to find information) is that one would only eat foods that begin with A, B, or C. The lists that I was able to find included rare and hard to find foods like Antelope and Belu...
  • Anne Collins Diet Program
    Anne Collins Diet Program
    Anne Collins is a nutritionist and a professional weight loss consultant with more than 23 years experience. The Anne Collins Weight Loss Program’s philosophy is simply eat better and lose weight. The program focuses on individuals changing their attitudes about weight...
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
    Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
    The time old apple cider vinegar diet has been around since the age of the Egyptians circa 3000BC and was brought into awareness in modern times by Lord Byron in the 1820’s. The diet which is simple and inexpensive consists of taking one to three teaspoons of apple cide...
  • Atkins Diet
    Atkins Diet
    The Atkins Diet plan was first created thirty years ago by Dr. Robert Atkins. His low-carb, high-fat/high-protein weight loss approach, which has been used by over 15 million people, switches your metabolism to a primarily fat-burning system. With this approach, you qui...
  • Blood Type Diet
    Blood Type Diet
    Finally, here is a diet that all the professional nutritional and health experts come together and agree on. And their learned collective opinion is that this diet is nonsense with absolutely no scientific basis. The theory formulated by Peter D’Adamo, naturopath, is th...
  • Burrito Diet
    Burrito Diet
    There have been many diets in the past that seem to rely on just one food or a small group of foods. The Grapefruit Diet and the Cabbage Soup Diet both come to mind under this category. In theory, relying on one food is not going to work, but it depends on that food. As...
  • Cabbage Soup Diet
    Cabbage Soup Diet
    The Cabbage Soup Diet 7-day Plan suggests you eat as much cabbage soup as you desire for a period of seven days, with the expected weight loss amounting to 10-15 pounds. The Cabbage Soup Diet is very simple. It is based on a \"fat burning\" soup that contains almost no...
  • Carb Rotation Diet
    Carb Rotation Diet
    The Carb Rotation Diet, also known as the Dress Size Reduction diet, is an eating plan that was invented by Jayson Hunter; a registered dietician with a Bachelor of Science in Dietics and Nutrition. The plan involves a change in both the amount of daily carbohydrates th...
  • CRAM Diet
    CRAM Diet
    The CRAM diet (Cereal - Rice - And - Milk) has been mentioned recently as a possible alternative to the BRAT diet (Bananas - Rice - Applesauce - Toast) - the traditional short term dietary treatment for digestion disorders, such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis. The CRAM...
  • DNA Diet
    DNA Diet
    The DNA diet is a personalized meal plan that claims to be based on your unique genetic blueprint. DNA-based diets are part of a brand new bio-tech industry called nutrigenomics. It starts with a do-it-yourself DNA kit that costs between $300 and $500 depending on the m...
  • Dr. Siegals Cookie Diet
    Dr. Siegals Cookie Diet
    The Cookie Diet, developed by Dr. Sanford Siegal, refers to a diet based on a specially crafted cookie that helps to suppress appetite. Dr. Seigal first experimented with a cookie formula in 1975. He believe that - for many people - obesity was caused by a faulty thyroi...
  • Eat More Weigh Less Diet (Ornish Diet)
    Eat More Weigh Less Diet (Ornish Diet)
    The vegetarian, high fiber low fat diet developed by cardiologist Dr. Dean Ornish, is designed to lower cholesterol and undo the damages caused by heart disease. He has a solid reputation in the medical community for success in reversing coronary blockages which had pre...
  • Eco-Atkins
    Eco-Atkins is the vegetarian-friendly version of the ever-popular, low-carb Atkins Diet. With non meat-eaters in mind, Professor David Jenkins at the University of Toronto developed Eco-Atkins – a high protein diet that uses plant proteins and healthy fats that has simi...
  • Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet
    Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet
    For anyone looking to lose 10 pounds within a week, the Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet might be just the solution. Despite it being named the “one-day” diet, it actually takes eleven days for the entire process, seven for the pre-diet, one actual day of fasting with a sp...
  • Feingold Diet Program
    Feingold Diet Program
    The Feingold Diet Program is a dietary test to determine if certain foods or food additives are causing particular behavioral symptoms. Individuals who are likely to respond to the Feingold Diet Program have often been labeled with hyperactivity, ADD (attention deficit...
  • Fiber 35 Diet
    Fiber 35 Diet
    The Fiber 35 Diet was originally developed by Certified Nutritional Consultant Brenda Watson. It is Watson’s claim that if a diet is reduced in calories and increased in fiber, then a great deal of weight loss is possible. According to Watson, it is fiber that helps to...
  • Flexitarian Diet
    Flexitarian Diet
    The Flexitarian Diet is considered to be a lifestyle change more than a simple weight loss diet. It is not for everyone as it does require some dramatic alterations to the foods that are consumed, and it is expected that these habits will continue indefinitely – not jus...
  • Food Doctor Diet
    Food Doctor Diet
    With all of the diets you’ve tried, it can seem as though they are all the same. So when you hear about something like the Food Doctor Diet, you might be skeptical as to whether or not this can actually work. But what you need to know is that unlike so many other diets,...
  • GI Diet
    GI Diet
    Developed by Dr. David Jenkins, a professor of nutrition at the University of Toronto, the G.I., or glycemic index, measures the speed at which your body breaks down food and converts it to glucose, which is used for energy or stored as fat. When losing weight, it is cr...
  • Hibernation Diet
    Hibernation Diet
    Many think of bears and bees when they think of hibernation. There are other animals that sleep through particular seasons (usually cold winters) and are nourished by their own bodies and stored goods that are supposed to last until they can emerge from their long sleep...
  • Jenny Craig Diet
    Jenny Craig Diet
    Lots of people know the popular Jenny Craig diet. They have franchise outlets in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course the US. Like Nutrisystem, the Jenny Craig diet is based on portion controlled meals, which is based on the USDA food pyramid dietary guidelines....
  • Ketogenic Diet
    Ketogenic Diet
    The ketogenic diet is growing in popularity and well worth educating yourself on. The idea behind this diet is that you focus on eating high fat concentration in your daily regimen. You have a moderate amount of protein and a very low amount of carbohydrates each day. M...
  • Leptin Diet
    Leptin Diet
    Because the \'discovery\' of the hormone Leptin is recent, there is not a lot known about it. Some research has been done, but it is not nearly as extensive as research done on other hormones of the body. None the less, some feel that a Leptin Diet is the answer for som...
  • Lindora Weight Loss Plan
    Lindora Weight Loss Plan
    Lindora, a Southern California chain of diet centers, has been around since the early seventies. These centers are medically staffed for individualized supervision and support. Their ‘smart carb’ 45 day program called Lean for Life is another approach to a low carbohydr...
  • Meal Replacement Diets
    Meal Replacement Diets
    The Two Broad Categories of Liquid Diets/Meal Replacement Plans consist of low calorie liquid diets/meal replacement plans and commercial liquid diets/meal replacement plans. Low Calorie Liquid Diets/Meal Replacement Plans consist of medically supervised liquid meal rep...
  • Medifast
    Medifast has received many good reviews by weight loss professionals and users of the program. The Medifast plan has been recommended by doctors for years now, and it has been proven that it is effective for weight loss. Medifast can be bought in many places, but excell...
  • Natural Hygiene Diet
    Natural Hygiene Diet
    The natural hygiene diet was founded during the natural hygiene movement, which started in 1830. This primarily vegetarian diet advocates the many health benefits of eating a mostly raw diet through consumption of uncooked, unrefined and organic foods. To this end, foll...
  • Nutrisystem
    NutriSystem is mostly a portion controlled weight loss program. They originally started out with some weight loss centers, but then they changed there business strategy and decided it was best to go fully online. While being some what similar to Jenny Craig, NutriSystem...
  • Slim-Fast Diet
    Slim-Fast Diet
    Dieting has changed considerably in the last decade, yet Slim Fast has not. Although they have recently offered more variety in their food replacement products, the premise of “eat a healthy shake/bar for breakfast and lunch with a sensible dinner” is pretty much what i...
  • Special K Challenge Diet
    Special K Challenge Diet
    The Special K Challenge is a friendly dare to lose one inch off your waist or six pounds in two weeks by following an easy 3-step plan to attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight. It works by reducing the level of caloric intake by using Post Brand low calorie ce...
  • STAX Food System
    STAX Food System
    Probably one of the most difficult parts of dieting is having the proper food available to you during the day. We all know how easy it is to "fall off the diet wagon" when mid-day hunger hits and there isn't a healthy food option easily available. When this happens, it...
  • The Arnot Diet
    The Arnot Diet
    As explained in his book, ‘Dr. Bob Arnot’s Revolutionary Weight Loss Control Program’ is based on his theory that the body needs to be feed more often and with smaller portions to keep weight down. His whole theory is that eating before becoming hungry will result in he...
  • The Avocado Diet
    The Avocado Diet
    The Avocado Diet is one that includes – as the name suggests – avocados as the central ingredient. It is a short-term diet, lasting only three days, but it claims to be able to help with the loss of between two and three pounds during that time. It is not recommended th...
  • The Caveman Diet (Paleolithic Diet)
    The Caveman Diet (Paleolithic Diet)
    This is the diet for meat lovers everywhere. The Caveman Diet, also referred to as the Paleolithic Diet, The Stone Age Diet and The Hunter-Gatherer Diet, is based on the eating habits of our ancient ancestors as far back as forty thousand years ago. In modern times scie...
  • The Diet Plate
    The Diet Plate
    The Diet Plate is an innovative weight management system that offers a simple and effective approach to portion control. The Diet Plate, which was invented by Kay Illingworth, is split into sections measured to help you control portion sizes, that will aid weight loss o...
  • The Fast Food Diet
    The Fast Food Diet
    Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, author of ‘The Fast Food Diet” a six week guide to not only surviving life on primarily fast food but losing weight while doing it. He claims that it is possible on his plan to lose 100 pounds in one year. It’s all about choices. Dr. Si...
  • The Grapefruit Diet
    The Grapefruit Diet
    The Grapefruit Diet, originally known as the Hollywood diet, is a fad diet that has been around for years going back to the 1920’s. New research released in 2004 by the Scripps Clinic - Nutrition and Medical Research Center in San Diego California - suggests that the ju...
  • The Kimkins Diet
    The Kimkins Diet
    Of all the diets and their claims to provide miraculous and beneficial results (or not), the Kimkins diet plan has been under the fire from negative publicity since it was created in 2000. Started by a woman looking for a diet to lose weight once and for all, the Kimkin...
  • The Magnetic Diet
    The Magnetic Diet
    For those looking to try a new weight loss program, the Magnetic Diet offers a variety of tools to help drop those last few pounds that just won’t come off no matter what you do. The Magnetic Diet is based on the principles for the law of attraction; that there are part...
  • The McDonalds Diet
    The McDonalds Diet
    Yes this really is a fast food chain diet and what probably keeps Ronald McDonald so slim. The McDonald's Diet has you eat at McDonald's three times a day for 30 days on less than 2000 calories daily (variable). There are published reports, such as in the Guinness Book...
  • The Metabolic Diet
    The Metabolic Diet
    There are two starting points of the Metabolic Diet, and which one to start at depends on the dieter. For those people who are confident that they can take on a low-carb lifestyle, they can start with the strict, low carb Assessment Phase. This phase lasts two to four w...
  • The Omega Diet
    The Omega Diet
    The Omega Diet based on the traditional foods of the Mediterranean isle of Crete was published in 1999 by American pediatrician Dr. Artemis P. Simopoulos and co-authored by Jo Robinson, a Washington State investigative journalist and New York Times best selling author....
  • The Raw Food Diet
    The Raw Food Diet
    Wikipedia defines “raw foodism” as “a lifestyle promoting the consumption of uncooked, unprocessed and often organic foods as a large percentage of the diet”. Raw foodists believe that cooking food breaks down natural enzymes and proteins to a non nutritive level. Raw o...
  • The Raw Meat Diet
    The Raw Meat Diet
    Though it may be contrary to everything you’ve ever learned about food preparation, there is actually a raw meat diet that is quickly growing in popularity. The majority of people have been raised to think of raw meat as dangerous and to avoid it; always making sure tha...
  • The Skinny Bitch Diet
    The Skinny Bitch Diet
    There is nothing new or surprising about the Skinny Bitch nutrition program which simply extols the virtues of a vegan diet. This means that absolutely no meat or dairy products are to be consumed as well as a full ban on sugar, refined flour and artificial sweeteners....
  • The SunSlim Diet
    The SunSlim Diet
    As with any diet which promises fast weight loss without much work, a dieter has to be skeptical. Since dieting is hard work and certainly not something that works for everyone, it seems that perhaps big promises are not to be trusted. The SunSlim Diet, created by Dr. J...
  • The Zone Diet
    The Zone Diet
    The Zone Diet plan, developed by Dr. Barry Sears, is based around the principle of harnessing the powerful, drug-like effects food has on your body. When you eat according to the Zone plan, you\'ll keep several of your most important hormones -- especially insulin -- wi...
  • TLC Diet
    TLC Diet
    The TLC diet is supported and endorsed by the American Heart Association. This is a simple and healthy diet. This is a diet aimed at cutting fats like saturated fats. The way it works is this. You choose your caloric level. If you want to lower the LDL level make your c...


0 # check nutritionchefmel 2012-04-10 13:40
Before you subscribe to one of those meal delivery diets, make sure that you look into the ingredients and preparation methods that they use. It may be low cal/low carb, and convenient, but if you’re just filling up your body with unhealthy foods, then you’re not doing yourself any real favors.
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0 # make things easychar 2012-01-25 03:46
meal based diets really take all the guess work out. If you have enough money and will definitely exercise while you do this, then it's a good way to go.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # The Lose Weight DietCristy 2011-12-22 11:52
The article gives information that would really works on a diet situation. Thanks for sharing!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-1 # learn from themtreehuggertodd 2011-11-19 06:53
Meal-based diet programs are only good for weight loss if you actually learn from them. Those that have you cook for yourself are off to a great start. If you’re buying food that is made up and you purchase it or you have it shipped to you, then you risk gaining your weight back once you stop buying that food.
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+1 # never enough foodlegendarytroy 2011-11-13 07:15
meal based diets never give you enough food. They show pictures in their ads and on tv of these big meals that seem filling and normal but then you realize that they're showing them served on a bread plate. It takes me less than five minutes to eat these meals and I"m hungry all the time. Not worth it.
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0 # tara 2011-10-06 01:52
I find that if I use a meal-based diet in combination with the help of a pill like an appetite suppressant, it makes it a lot easier to change my eating habits because I won’t have hunger to contend with if it means that I’ll be eating less than I usually do.
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+1 # tracy1976 2011-10-03 20:28
these can be helpful as a PART of a weight loss program, but used alone, some of these are just fads. they can also be really bad for you, so you should watch out. I noticed the cabbage soup diet on this list and this is one of the top examples used for fad diets that you should avoid!
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