Surprising Things Pharmacists Know About Men’s Health and Why You Should Talk to Yours More

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When it comes to men’s health, it can be difficult to want to ask questions. Overall, men simply aren’t talking to health experts enough about medical questions they may have. That said, even if you don’t want to speak with a doctor, or you think that the question you have is too small to merit an appointment, there are many other experts within your reach.

Your Pharmacist Can Answer Questions

One very convenient option for getting your men’s health questions answered is your pharmacist. Many people don’t realize the extent of their pharmacists’ knowledge. These are people with considerable education and training and who play a vital role in the delivery of healthcare. They undergo between three and five years of education and training in order to obtain their certification.

Typically speaking, an MPharm degree is a four year program which includes biochemistry, physiology, clinical practice, and microbiology. Moreover, there is also a year of pre-registration training that must also be completed. Therefore, when you talk about men’s health with a pharmacist, you’re receiving advice with a professional with a high level of training. Even better? Your local pharmacist is likely very close by, and you don’t need an appointment to speak with him or her.

Can You Talk Men’s Health with a Pharmacist?

Absolutely! You can talk to your pharmacist about all sorts of medical issues, including men’s health. They can guide you regarding your next step in everything from colds and the flu to erectile dysfunction (ED), sexual, urinary or other issues you may have that you aren’t ready to make a doctor’s appointment about yet.

Your pharmacist is great at listening and can provide you with substantial men’s health advice. This can include various types of treatment guidance, let you know whether many symptoms that could seem odd are actually quite typical in a healthy person, or if you should see your GP in order to confirm that a larger issue isn’t at play.

Men’s health is a topic many men don’t want to discuss with their doctor right away. That said, it is important not to ignore symptoms or to go without answers to your questions. By talking to your pharmacist, you can come to understand whether or not a doctor’s appointment is even necessary. Often, the answer is quite a straightforward one, and you can gain the information you needed and peace of mind, all within a matter of minutes.