How to Gain Pregnancy Weight in a Healthy Way

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Congratulations! Your little bundle of joy is on the way and you couldn’t be happier. But now that you know the little one is on their way, it is important that you learn how to gain pregnancy weight safely and effectively. Many women find out they are pregnant and begin to go a little bit crazy about the weight that they are gaining. Some believe that they should be eating for two and will start to eat more than they should during that time. The problem with the ‘eating for two’ mentality is that the little baby is only going to eat a small amount, not the same amount you do. For most of your pregnancy, unless you are carrying multiples, you should only take in 300 extra calories to keep your pregnancy weight in check. Here are some things that you can eat in order to keep your weight during pregnancy in check.Lean meats
Lean meats are a great way to get in plenty of protein for the little one without adding a lot of calories. Some lean beef is fine as well as turkey and some chicken. Watch out for the fish that you are eating; too much contains mercury that can be hard on the baby. Fresh fruits and vegetables
You can never get too much of these nutrients. Make sure to fill up your plate with them to get to the right pregnancy weight in no time.Whole grains
When you are eating sandwiches, making pasta, or doing anything else with grains, make sure they are whole grains. These help to fill you up more, have fewer calories, and will not cause big spikes in your blood sugar levels.Dairy
Drink a lot of dairy when you are pregnant. Your bones are carrying around some extra weight and need help. Plus this calcium will be great at helping your baby to grow nice strong bones as well. Drink at least three to four glasses each day for the best results.Cheating
While it is important to eat healthy as much as possible while you are pregnant for the health of the baby as well as your own health, it is fine to cheat on occasion. Go out and have some of that ice cream, or a little extra serving at supper. When done on occasion, it is not going to hurt the pregnancy and can help reduce some of the stress you feel.