Iodine Supplementation During Pregnancy Can Save Money

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When it comes to your pregnancy, you want to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. You want to take care of yourself and your baby in order to have the best possible outcome. But all of this care can become expensive. Some new research shows that iodine supplementation in your pregnancy could save you a lot of money just by raising IQ.


Researchers went through to look at some different data points that come with iodine supplementation. The researchers were looking to see what the cost of iodine was compared to the amount of money that you can save from both a societal and health perspective. They found that these supplements when you are pregnant can give your baby a average 1.22 IQ points higher than not taking the iodine. So how does this translate into savings? It is found that for the amount of IQ points discussed above, there is an average of $308 fewer spent in health costs and then there will be almost $7000 in societal costs that are saved. Those who did not take iodine supplementation during their pregnancies found that there was no increase in the IQ of their babies. They would have to pay the extra fees that come with health and societal issues. In fact, without the right amount of iodine in the body during pregnancy, the baby could have even lower cognitive skills when they are born. Getting the iodine that is needed in a diet can be difficult, so taking the supplement is important. The surprising findings in this research have prompted a lot of doctors to recommend iodine supplementation throughout all parts of the pregnancy. The results are profound and show that children who received this supplement during most of the pregnancy were much better able to help out society and to have lower health costs later on. So for the little bit you are paying for a few pills of iodine each month, you can save thousands of dollars and prepare your child to better live in society. If you are pregnant and considering the best things that you can do during the pregnancy in order to keep yourself and the baby healthy, consider talking to your doctor about iodine supplements. Your doctor can determine if you need to take these pills and if they will benefit you and the baby.