Can Poor Nutrition Cause a Miscarriage?

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It’s a horrible situation for anyone who suffers through it, and so understanding whether poor nutrition can cause a miscarriage is key. Though you don’t tend to think of the diet that we keep as a culprit within the ability to cause a miscarriage, there may be some validity to it. The reality is that in some cases the doctors really can’t pinpoint the actual cause of the miscarriage. There are a number of factors that may play into this happening such as age, general health of the woman, and even environmental factors. These are the contributors that we have come to understand and accept. Looking to nutrition as a possible factor is newer but it is something that must be considered in the long run.


So many women who have suffered through it will ask themselves "Can poor nutrition cause a miscarriage?" It’s important to understand that this is nobody’s fault, and that sometimes the miscarriage just happens without any reason. There is however a reason that doctors and health experts will tell you that you need to start taking care of yourself as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Say for example you aren’t eating enough throughout a day. You aren’t giving the baby what it needs for it to grow and thrive. You may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals, and these are the nutrients that the baby comes to depend upon for growth. So though it may be a very early stage, the nutrition or lack thereof can certainly play some type of role in this equation.


It’s Not The Only Thing But It Does Play a Role


You also must think through the other factors when you ask, "Can poor nutrition cause a miscarriage?" If the woman was in poor health or had risk factors such as age, then poor nutrition can actually accentuate all of that. Say you have a woman who is over 40, who has some health problems, and who doesn’t eat enough in a day—then yes the poor nutrition will actually highlight the other issues that are present. You must recognize that eating the right foods that are rich in nutrients can help the baby. If you make proper nutrition an imperative part of your lifestyle, it could very well offset the other risk factors in some situations.


So while you may not want to think of it or ask yourself "Can nutrition cause a miscarriage?" it’s important to think through it in the big picture. It’s important that a woman never blames herself, but she does need to pay attention to diet. Even if you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s important to eat a well balanced diet. Staying away from potentially harmful foods or supplements that could harm the baby is key. It’s also important that you do eat, especially in early pregnancy as the baby is growing. Though nutrition may not be the only factor in causing a miscarriage, it does matter. Think through all of this and then make your decision accordingly to take care of yourself and your baby, but know that it’s only one of many factors in things.