Minimizing Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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As the body grows during pregnancy, the skin needs to stretch in order to accommodate this new shape. For many women, this means they will begin to see stretch marks on their breasts and on their hips and stomach. Startling at first, these stretch marks are common and are not a sign of any troubles with the pregnancy. And there are ways you can reduce the appearance of these stretch marks in order to help you feel good about your body and the way it looks.


The Coconut Butter Theory


Many moms swear by using coconut butter on their stretch marks in order to reduce their appearance. While this lotion will not remove all of the marks, it will certainly help to keep the skin conditioned and supple. When you keep the skin moist, it will have an easier time stretching and then returning back to its original shape. The coconut butter can come in a variety of forms, including a stick form as well as a lotion. Using this cream after you shower and before you go to bed each night will help to keep your stretch marks controlled.


But what you might want to keep in mind is that any lotion or oil can help to keep the skin supple. You might want to stick with natural ingredients, however, so as to keep your body free from harmful chemicals.


Controlled Weight Gain


Something to keep in mind is that the faster you gain weight, the more common stretch marks are. This is also the case with weight loss. When you lose weight too quickly, the skin can not adapt, so it creates stretch marks. By making sure you aren’t gaining too much weight at a time, you will reduce the possibility of stretch marks and you will ensure that your skin looks as clear and smooth as possible. Women should gain about 25 pounds during their pregnancy if they’re starting out at a normal weight, with those weighing more to gain less and those weighing less to gain more. Your doctor will help you determine what weight gain is right for you.


How Genetics Will Factor In


Some women might be genetically prone to stretch marks, especially if they’ve already had a baby. If your mother had stretch marks, chances are good that you will too. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about them. You can still take preventative measures, as it might simply be that your mother didn’t do anything to stop the stretch marks.


By making sure you’re not gaining weight too quickly and applying moisturizer regularly, you will reduce their presence and make sure that after the pregnancy your skin can return to its natural shape. After you give birth, it’s a good idea to keep up the moisturizer routine. This will help keep your skin stretch mark free as it moves back into place. You will also want to be sure your post pregnancy weight loss is slow and steady, helping you to minimize skin stretching.