Best Ways to Reduce or Prevent Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

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So you have just found out that you are expecting your little bundle of joy. This is an exciting time for you, whether it is your first child or your fifth. But one thing that no mother looks forward to is the morning sickness that is going to plague them through that first trimester. Many mothers wish that there was a way they could prevent morning sickness during their pregnancy so that they could enjoy the new life they are creating rather than feel so sick. Here are some of the steps you should take in order to prevent morning sickness before it starts. · Eat when you wake up—right when you wake up in the morning, eat a little snack, such as crackers. This will prevent morning sickness because you will often feel sick during the pregnancy because the stomach is empty. When you eat a few crackers right away in the morning, you will begin to feel better and might not get as sick during the day.


· Snack throughout the day—while you are experiencing morning sickness, it is best to eat small and frequent meals during the day. This will work because it prevents your blood sugar levels from getting too low and doesn’t let your stomach get so full it feels sick. Carry a few snacks around during the day to prevent yourself from getting too hungry.


· Keep hydrated—always make sure to carry a bottle of water around when you are pregnant. There are times when you are going to get dehydrated and this can make you feel sick as well. Take a few sips when you are not feeling good and see how that changes things.


· Take your prenatal—to help prevent morning sickness, you need to make sure that you are taking your prenatal at the right time. You should try to do it with one of your meals, or before you go to bed if it seems to upset your stomach. This can be easier on the pregnant body.


· Dress coolly—be careful about the clothes that you are wearing. If you are wearing things that are too tight or too hot, you are going to aggravate the morning sickness. Loose clothes that are cool, or at least layers when it is cold outside, can help the body feel more relaxed and will prevent some of the morning sickness from occurring.