Nutrient Packed Omelet Recipes for Dieters

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Eggs are incredible foods for nutrition and protein when you’re trying to lose weight. When you have some delicious and easy omelet recipes for dieters, it’s simple to work these nutrient powerhouses into your diet.


So the next time you’re wondering what to have for breakfast or even dinner, you might want to test out one of a few great omelet recipes for dieters. As soon as you get into the habit of making them, you’ll know exactly why it’s become such a popular dish.


After all, the right omelet recipes for dieters add some other nutritional and flavorful superstars to the dish, as well. You’ll see delicious spices and veggies that can help you to lose the excess weight while you enjoy your meals on a regular basis.


If you’re looking for some options to get started, consider the following:


• Spinach omelet – This leafy green is a fantastic food for iron content as well as many other vitamins and minerals on top of its filling and health-promoting fiber. On top of that, a full cup of this dark green veggie contains only 7 calories. That’s next to nothing! Add as much as you want to your omelet to fill it with nutrients and make it even more filling. To truly balance off the flavor, toss in some tomato as well.

• Bell peppers – Eggs and bell peppers pair wonderfully. These two nutritious foods not only complement each other in terms of the vitamins and minerals they contain, but also the flavors they have to offer. Slice up some red, green, yellow or orange peppers and toss them into your omelet for a boost in vitamin C, carnitine fatty acid and a wealth of other nutrients on top of their fiber content. To complete the flavor, add some green onions, too.

• Jalapeños – If you want a boost to your metabolism while you kick up the flavor of your omelet at the same time, these moderately spicy peppers can be a quick route to reaching your goal. These peppers, cayenne and habañeros all contain a chemical called capsaicin. It’s what gives them that spicy zing. It is wonderful for boosting the metabolic rate, and shrinking the appetite. In fact, some diet pill manufacturers include it in their ingredients. You can take advantage of it by tossing some delicious jalapeños into your morning omelet, instead.


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