How to Choose the Right Birth Control Pill

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Birth control is something to consider seriously as a woman, and that’s why choosing the right birth control pill can make a big difference. Obviously, many women turn to this pill for contraception, but there can be many other uses as well. Understanding a woman’s specific needs and health conditions can be quite important. It’s always best for a woman to talk to her doctor first and to understand her specific health situation. This is a pill that can be very effective in a variety of ways, yet there are so many to choose from that making the best choice matters tremendously.

As a woman considers which birth control pill is best for her, it’s all about understanding what her needs are. If she is taking it specifically for contraception, then there are a wide array of options available. If, however, she is taking it to help with adult acne, to help regulate hormones, to regulate the monthly cycles, or for any other number of different health reasons, then there may be other options available. Looking at the reasons why you are going to start taking the pill can be a great way of determining what works best for you. This is where talking to your doctor works best as a first step.

Another thing to consider in choosing the right birth control pill is family history. If, for example, you have a family history of blood clots, then you are going to want to go for a lower-dose pill such as Yaz--the reason being that, though the pill has many benefits, it can also increase the likelihood of blood clots. In this case, then, you want to opt for a lower-dose pill that will be less likely to cause you any problems. Always look at your family history or any other health conditions to ensure that you choose the birth control product with minimal side effects.

As you look for the right birth control pill, you may also want to consider the longevity of the product. Are you planning to take it just for a short period of time? Are you going to go off of it at a certain point as you consider starting a family? Do you plan to use it only for a couple of months to help regulate your cycles? All of these can help you to determine which pill will be right for you, and this is how you reach the best choice. There is a pill for everyone; so just understand your specific needs, and then you are sure to make the right choice for you!