Surprising Things That Make it Harder to Conceive

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Once we get pregnant, we are told how to eat and what to avoid for a healthy pregnancy. However, there is a whole lot of factors to consider prior to getting pregnant for both the male and female otherwise it will be harder to conceive. It is best to plan a pregnancy for more success and to ensure you are healthy and that the baby will be healthy. There are several factors for both sexes and some things that would pertain to both of them so we will break it down a bit here so you can plan better.



There are so many more things that make it harder to conceive for females than males.They have more parts to go wrong and to be thrown off balance than the male. Both parties are equally as important but females are the vessels for carriage and therefore will be affected differently.

Prior to conception, the female has to make sure her weight is kept in check. Obesity will hamper hormone function and does affect the ovaries which is where the egg comes from to begin with.

Make sure you don’t have PCOS {poly cystic} conditions and such. However the ones that we don’t think of prior to pregnancy are things like smoking and drinking. Yes, this will harm the fetus and cause low birth weight but they will also cause infertility. Get yeast infections under control. These can damage the fallopian tubes if they are chronic.




In men, the smoking and drinking is still very important because the main concern for guys is the sperm count. These things will affect sperm count as well as the quality of the sperm. The sperm count can also be affected by underwear or pants that are worn too tight around the crotch area. This will restrict the testes and raise the temperature of the area decreasing sperm production. Time spent bathing in hot water or relaxing in a jacuzzi can also kill sperm and lower the count.


For the most part, body temperature will affect both sexes and all the aforementioned factors should be taken into consideration.


There are other things that makes it harder to conceive but can only be found with an exam. There are STD’s that will harm fertility and one of them is so common that sometimes people never find out that they have it. It is called Chlamydia and is a silent one. It will literally show no symptoms in a man and be spread to other sexual partners. Women can have symptoms but there are a lot of cases where it is not discovered until it is too late when it has scarred the reproductive organs.


Another is Endometriosis which is an overgrowth of the lining of the uterus. It takes over the outside of the uterus and attaches to other organs and intestines and of course ovaries and chokes them off.
There are many things that make it harder to conceive but an exam and some planning can stop this from happening.