Has Your Libido Gone Downhill? Why Your Weight May be to Blame

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If you have noticed that your libido has decreased, you may be wondering why, and you may be in search of a way to get your sex drive back. Well, it turns out that your weight may actually be to blame, so if you have not given your weight any thought, perhaps you should consider whether or not your weight could really be the culprit.


Is your libido gone? Then keep reading to learn more about how being overweight affects your sex drive.


Being Overweight Adversely Affects Libido


A study that was conducted at Duke found that as much as 30% of people who are obese admit that they face issues with their sex drive, their sexual performance, and/or their sexual desire. The reason for this could be because of the physical conditions that can exist as a result of being obese. These conditions include insulin resistance and high cholesterol.


Men, in particular, can be affected because these conditions could cause tiny arteries within the penis to actually stop working, especially when fatty deposits that clog vessels develop. This ultimately results in erectile dysfunction or impotence.


But men are not the only ones who find their libido gone when they are overweight. Researchers are starting to notice that the blood vessels that lead to a woman’s clitoris can be affected just like the arteries in men.


What You Can Do Despite the bad news about sex drive and weight, there are some surprisingly simple things that you can do, in addition to losing weight, to get your sex drive back to normal. Even small dietary changes, such as eating more vegetables and fruits and going on a low-fat diet, could help you lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels to keep them under control. In fact, even if you do not lose a lot of weight, you can start noticing improvements if you opt for healthier food choices that will keep your body in a state of balance. So if the answer to the question, “has your libido gone downhill” is a “yes,” consider losing weight to try to get your body and your hormones back into a state of wellness. Stick to a healthy diet that is low in calories and unhealthy fat. Then, consider adding a product like FenFast 375 to the mix to achieve even faster results, especially when you combine it with an effective and consistent workout plan.