Today’s Top Birth Control Methods

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There are many different birth control methods available on the market today. All these options are nice, but they make it difficult to find the one that will work the best for you. Here are some of the best birth control methods you should consider in order to hold off starting a family until you are really ready.


Intrauterine Devices
These are a good option if you need something you don’t have to think about each day. There are a few different kinds, including the Hormonal IUD, that is able to be inserted and kept there for five years without having to take something every day. If you want something that lasts a bit longer, the copper IUD is a great choice. It is able to last for 10 years. These are more likely to cause some heavier periods and a lot of painful cramping.


This is another form of the birth control methods you may want to try out. You will put a little rod into the skin in your arm. You will need a bit of anesthetic to put it in, but it takes just a few minutes to take in and out and can work for up to three years.


Injectable Hormone
You will need to get this kind of birth control every three months for it to be effective. This is a method that requires action a bit more often than the other options but it does have fewer side effects and you won’t have to worry about taking a pill every day.


The Pill
This is the option that most people go with. It allows you to decide each day if you would like to try for a family or not. You of course need to remember to take this pill each day or it is not as effective. Most pills will have 21 active weeks and then one inactive week so that you can have a normal period on these pills.


The Continuous Pill
This is like the regular birth control pill, but you will not have the inactive week every month. You will usually go three months between the inactive pills so you will only have four periods a year. This is helpful if you have some bad side effects with your periods and would like to be able to control them a bit more. Of course, the drawback is you must take these each day, and forgetting makes them less effective.