The Beck Diet

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Dr. Judith Beck wants you to \'train your brain to think like a thin person.\' The theory is that if you can change your habits and think in a whole new way, you can lose weight. This is a great idea, but it is, of course, not something that works for everyone. If you have had some success on diets in the past, but stumbled somewhere along the way, this may be the extra help that you need. This is not a diet really, but a new way to go about the diets that you wish to try. The Beck Diet attempts to get your brain working with your body for better results.


If you are not familiar with cognitive therapy, it is basically a technique used on anyone who wishes to change the way they think about the troubles in their lives. If they have anxiety problems of any type, for example, cognitive therapy can change the way the brain works and responds to triggers so that the person will experience less anxiety in relation to things they may have had to totally avoid in the past. It is used in The Beck Diet to help the brain think differently about food, nutrition, and dieting. Cognitive therapy in this case helps a person to change the way they think and to set goals to solve any problem they encounter with food.


Some of the basic points addressed in this book are things most dieters have problems controlling or facing. These include knowing the difference between hunger and emotional eating, how to enjoy feeling full, how dieters may be comforting themselves with food rather than eating when the body needs fuel, and how some people underestimate how much they are really eating each day. All of these are things that The Beck Diet addresses to help someone eat right and stay on course.


The Beck Diet book has a six week plan to get you thinking and dieting the right way. The first two weeks do not involve dieting at all. Those are days when you are presented with things you must do to get your mind working in the right way to successfully handle your upcoming diet. You then start your diet plan of choice in the third week, but continue to learn new thinking skills as you go.


Changing the way you think about losing weight and dieting may be something that comes naturally for some, but others may struggle. That is why the book is something that many carry with them so they have access to it all the time. Some of the simple things outlined in the book are keeping a food journal, learning to eat only when sitting and concentrating solely on food, and learning to tell the difference between wanting and needing to eat. If learned one at a time, these can be mastered for spectacular diet results.

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