The Best Sources of Calcium for Older Women

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Once you reach a certain age, new health concerns arise--such as how to get sufficient calcium for older women, who especially need it. This isn’t something that you tend to think about in your youth, but you should. If more people were to consider what sorts of calcium and nutrient needs they will have later on in life, we would be in much better shape. We might not need to suffer through common health problems, and we might have different, healthier lifestyles than what we nowadays consider to be the norm. What you do now can help you later, so it’s worth being proactive!


As you consider the best sources of calcium for older women, realize that it starts with the basics. Yes, taking a calcium supplement helps to make up the difference and is a good idea. You can get some great calcium directly from your food, too, but always supplement with a calcium pill. You also want to turn to dairy products since they tend to be the most obvious sources of calcium. Eating a diet rich in foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese can work wonders. Try to eat these foods throughout your life and frequently for the best effects. The earlier, the better to prevent conditions like osteoporosis!


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You may be surprised by some of the other sources of calcium for older women. These foods are part of a balanced and healthy nutrient regimen, but we don’t realize that they actually contain calcium. Eating lean proteins such as fish, specifically oysters and tuna, offer excellent calcium benefits. So, too, can eating certain vegetables, specifically dark leafy greens. Though you may not always realize the specific sources, you will be amazed at how a balanced diet can provide you with far more calcium than you might have imagined.


The issue of obtaining proper calcium for older women is also about lifestyle. You want to be sure that you exercise, as that will help to maintain stronger bones. You do need to include other sources of calcium, like chews or vitamins. You want to include dairy, too, but even some whole grains and good fats, like almonds and walnuts, can help. The more well-rounded, robust, and balanced your diet and lifestyle are, the more you will benefit your health in general and with regard to calcium, specifically.