How to Naturally Lower Your Risk of Arthritis

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There are many things that we worry about as we age, particularly when it comes to our health. If you have a family history of certain conditions or if you just want to ensure that you are healthy moving forward, then you want to work to create the best environment within the body now. When it comes to learning how to lower your risk of arthritis, which is a very common concern, it may be easier than you might think.


This tends to be the type of condition that most people don’t think about until much later on in life. Though it is quite common amongst the aging population, it can strike at any time and make mobility or certain tasks nearly impossible to manage. So if you find yourself concerned about this or even experiencing early symptoms, you want to get to the heart of the issue and work towards a natural cure. It’s truly within your reach!


The following are some simple but effective ways to manage your potential risk of arthritis and to prevent this from becoming your reality. Though this may not be an issue until later in life, the measures that you take now can only help to ensure it doesn’t become a reality for you.


Learn to listen to your body: If you are typing or writing a lot and your hand is fighting back, then maybe your body is trying to tell you something. If you are finding that certain activities are too hard on you, then limit them. Your body is often giving you signs for what may be painful or even too much strain—listen to these signs! If you want to manage your risk and help prevent it in the future, then don’t put too much strain or pressure on your body or in the potential problem areas specifically.


Exercise, but know your limits: Yes you do need exercise, but you also need to know your limits. If, for example, you put too much strain on the knees then this can lead to a bigger problem. Learning to exercise within your limits and never pushing too hard is a very important way to help manage your risk of arthritis. Exercise is of course part of a healthy lifestyle, but if you work too hard then you may hurt yourself and that of course always works against you in the long run.


Practice good posture and the right habits: You will find that the way you hold yourself is an essential part of managing your risk. Good posture, holding things properly, and really taking care of your joints and muscles are all instrumental to your ability to prevent arthritis. Yes, posture matters to something like osteoporosis, but it matters greatly to arthritis as well. Learning to hold yourself tall and carry yourself properly can really help you in the long run.


Turn to vitamin D when necessary: This is a really important way to help manage or limit your risk of arthritis, and it’s a newly found resource. Taking the right amount of vitamin D each and every day as a supplement can help make your muscles and bones stronger—and thus eliminate the risk of arthritis from ever developing. You do want to eat foods rich in vitamin D such as spinach, but you also need a daily supplement to help provide the proper dosage. If you can learn to take good care of yourself and practice these habits, then you can truly be your best and ensure that arthritis is not something you experience in the future.