Running May Slow the Aging Process

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It’s the secret that so many of us want to get in on, and that is the key to be able to slow the aging process. It may sound like it’s simply too good to be true, for you can’t possibly turn back the hands of time. Sure your body may age and your mind may decline, but if you participate in running as your main physical activity you may slow the actual aging process down. This sounds counterintuitive to people who have believed for years that running can actually be too hard on the body as you age. Sure you need to build up your endurance and take care of yourself, but running may just be what you’ve been looking for. If you want to work towards a more natural aging process that keeps you at your best, then this is a physical activity that you need to invest time into.


So you may think about running and wonder just how it can help to slow the aging process? It works in a number of different ways, first and foremost by helping to keep your lungs, heart, and vital organs working at their optimal level. Though walking can be a great exercise and easy on the joints, it doesn’t give you the same type of cardiovascular activity that running does. So you are helping to contribute to a more efficient body and physical health. This in and of itself can slow aging and help you to be your best. You will look better, you will feel better, and your organs will work at the levels that they are supposed to.

This One Activity May Protect You For Years

Another thing to consider in just how running specifically is helping to slow the aging process is that it gives your body the energy that it needs. This isn’t just in the psychological sense as you might expect. Sure you will get that natural “runner’s high” and enjoy some very palatable energy right after a good run. You will also find though that your muscles are getting the energy that they need to. So by running regularly you may help to keep your muscles strong and engaged, and therefore help to protect your physical health for the long term too. This helps you to defy aging in a really robust way!

Keep in mind too that when you are running as a way to slow the aging process, you are contributing to better physical, mental, and emotional health. You have a way of relieving stress, and you are also helping to keep your weight under control. This can help to combat common ailments and medical conditions that are common as you age. You are contributing to better skin, to stronger bones, and to a better physical picture. You feel your best and this shows the mind and body connection alive and well within your life. This is how to defy the aging process and to be your best, and it all starts with a good running regimen in the here and now.