Addicted to Candy? Ways to Crush the Cravings

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For many of us, a sweet tooth can be so big that it can feel like we are addicted to candy. The truth of the matter is that this could very well be the case. When you eat enough sugar on a regular basis, your body comes to expect it. This can lead to powerful cravings that make it hard to resist that next chocolate bar or éclair.


If you feel as though you are addicted to candy then you may benefit from some helpful tips for beating the cravings and keeping them out of your way. The key is to look for tips that are realistic and that you will be able to keep up over the long term, instead of instant miracle solutions that simply don’t work.


Use the following strategies to help you to stop being addicted to candy:


Consider candy a rare treat – every now and again, on an infrequent basis, give in and enjoy your favorite sweet treat. Just do it within reason. Buy the smallest version instead of purchasing larger or bulk versions to save money. This isn’t about getting the best deal. It’s about enjoying a bite or two of that delicious treat and savoring it. Then, you won’t have any more available and you can go another stretch without having it and without guilt.

Know yourself – if you find that you can’t be trusted with the rare treat technique then it’s time to go cold turkey. Get to know yourself. Are you having these treats more than you should? Are you buying larger versions than you should and consuming the whole thing? Are you highly addicted to sugar? If so, it’s time to cut it off until your taste buds can be retrained. Believe it or not, that does happen. Over time, your taste buds will actually be satisfied with far less sugar, as long as you haven’t been eating mountains of it.

Eat fruit – this tip needs to be done right to be truly satisfying. You shouldn’t just eat any fruit. If you’re trying to avoid eating a chocolate bar and you find yourself munching on an apple you barely like, then your craving won’t be satisfied. Try different fruits and various combinations. Try melons, tropical fruits and tangy citrus. Discover berries and exotic options you’ve never had before. Soon, you’ll find a handful that you love and they’ll serve wonderfully for snacks and desserts without leaving a feeling of sacrifice behind.

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