How Hormones are Affected by Weight

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You may recognize that you need to lose weight but you may not know just how great this impact can be, or you may not realize just how greatly hormones are affected by weight. Though it sounds like losing weight is a good idea to look the way you want to, it goes much deeper than that. When you hear that health problems can come about from being overweight, this is no joking matter. If you don’t try to get your weight in check you can suffer from health problems now and down the line as well. You will find that you have a hard time functioning or that you get sick often, and this has a lot to do with the role of your hormone balance. So it’s time to understand this correlation once and for all!


You want to start to understand what happens within the body when you try to investigate just how hormones are affected by weight because it can tell you a lot. So when you carry around excess weight it is very taxing on the body. Experts will tell you that you are more prone to develop diabetes and this is the first and most notable example of how being overweight can harm your hormones. Carrying that extra weight makes your hormones to go into overdrive. Though your organs and your hormones are trying to keep up, they can’t and the end result is that your insulin level goes completely out of whack. The body can’t produce it at proper levels and this is when diabetes becomes an issue. So yes it all starts with the correlation between being overweight and the stress that this puts on the hormones and the body.


This Is Detrimental To Your Health In The Big Picture


Another thing to consider in how hormones are affected by weight is that this can impact the metabolism and all of the hormones that control that. Your body tries to keep up with the weight gain and the excess weight, and all the while this is wreaking havoc on your hormones. You will find that this slows down the metabolism over time and it becomes sluggish and almost unresponsive. That means that you are not burning calories as you should, and you are more prone to continue to gain weight. So while you may try to lose the weight, you have already done damage to the hormones and the metabolism which makes it very difficult to do so.


Though you may have never considered this correlation, it’s important to know that the hormones are affected by weight in a very negative way. You will have a hard time losing weight if you want to. You will find that you get sick more easily, that you are tired all the time, and that any sort of physical activity is difficult to undertake. This is all the role of the hormones working against you, as well as the excess weight being too taxing on the body. So if you ever needed a legitimate health reason to lose the weight, now you have several. Understanding the important role of the hormones and working to nurture them is key, and then you can get to better health ahead.