How to Avoid Vitamin Poisoning

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Believe it or not there is a such thing as vitamin poisoning called hypervitaminosis. This is when you have a store of vitamins in your body that are not water soluble. Vitamins come in two categories and they are water soluble and not water soluble which is fat soluble. It is easier to remember A,E,D and K as these are not water soluble. The water soluble ones are all other vitamins and are able to be flushed out of the system through the kidney’s and other body systems.


The other non water soluble vitamins get built up in the system and will stay in the organs like the liver and adrenal glands as well as kidney’s and will poison you. Vitamin poisoning can make you extremely ill or it can kill you.


How do you get vitamin poisoning?


Well, you can have symptoms of vitamin poisoning from food that is too concentrated in one particular vitamin--like vitamin “A” for instance. But, it is almost impossible to be poisoned by food. Most people will experience this by way of supplements or supplements and food together. The department of agriculture can give you the acceptable amounts of “Upper Intake Vitamins”.

Mineral supplements can also yield the same toxic result. Minerals are hard to clear the system and though we need them to live, we must have the right amounts.


Common Vitamin Poisoning Overdose:


One of the most common vitamin overdoses is vitamin “D”. Now that people have gone crazy for vitamin “D” due to its health and mood enhancements it is flying off the shelves. Also vitamin D 3 and fish oil added. These are some heavy duty vitamins both on the system and the stomach. It is rare to have vitamin D poisoning but you can push it with too many fortified things going into the system. For example-- and this is true of other vitamins too--it is easy to overdose yourself with supplements and then fortified drinks such as energy drinks and then fortified food. What normally happens is you have a popular vitamin and it is being advertised all over the place.


So, every company picks it up and puts it in their foods and they will overdo the hype. So, you are not only getting the supplementation but you are also getting the overdose in everything you touch. Symptoms may come in increments and build up over time. They can be anything from lightheadedness to blood pressure and insulin spikes. In order to avoid vitamin poisoning you should take only the recommended amounts put forth by the FDA or see a doctor for adjustments.