18 Ways to Make Your 2018 Weight Loss Resolution a Success

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It’s New Year’s resolution time once again and if you’re like millions of people around the world, you’ll be promising yourself that this year will be different and you’re going to lose weight. The bad news is that the majority of people who resolve to lose weight won’t actually reach their set goal. The good news is that you don’t need to be among those who fail.


This year, give yourself a massive advantage by starting off with 18 awesome ways to ensure success in your 2018 weight loss resolution.


1. Find a gym or yoga studio that speaks to you and join it. Do your homework and find one that you’ll really love. It should be extremely conveniently located for you. The atmosphere should be one you like and it should offer features you will use.

2. Invest in a fitness tracker. Getting a Fitbit or smartwatch with tracking features such as an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear can provide you with amazing motivation. You’ll get to know how active you truly are and, when you’re not treating yourself as you should, it will give you a nudge in the right direction.

3. Give a new workout a try. This is a great way to dive into a new fitness routine or to spruce one up if it has been getting stale. It’s also a fantastic technique to break your way out of a plateau because you’ll take on an activity that will work your body in a new way.

4. Add vegetarian days to your week. If you normally eat meat every day, try having one day per week in which you eat only plant based foods. This will force you to look at your food in a new way as you reconsider the types of dishes that will make up your meals.

5. Add an additional veggie in every single meal. You should have at least one vegetable per meal, but the more the merrier. Therefore, if you would normally have only one veggie with your meal, add two. If you were already eating two, eat three.

6. Cut out added sugars altogether. Give yourself a challenge to completely eliminate added sugars for one week. You’ll be stunned at how many foods contain sugar and at how addicted you had been.

7. Learn about macronutrients. Find out what they do and which foods contain them.

8. Drink a glass of water ahead of each meal. This will hydrate you and will shrink your appetite.

9. Focus on getting a great night of sleep. Give sleep priority in your life to lose weight faster.

10. Eat a healthier breakfast. Give your breakfast an upgrade so it contains more fiber, less sugar and a healthy dose of lean protein.

11. Be mindful about the way you eat. Don’t wolf down your meal. Pay attention to every bite.

12. Improve your digestion. Eat foods rich in fiber, take probiotics and enjoy soothing herbal teas.

13. Keep a diary. Use a service like ShareFit to track your food intake to better understand it.

14. Know you can do it. A little bit of positivity and self confidence goes a long way.

15. Celebrate your achievements. As you reach each goal, don’t forget to reward yourself!

16. Don’t use food as rewards. This will help you to change your relationship with food.

17. Master your cravings. Want something sweet? Eat berries. Salty? Chew gum instead.

18. Respect your body. Remind yourself of the importance of your body and its health.