Why Do Experts Recommend Building Muscle for Weight Loss?

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Building Muscle for Weight LossOne of the most common weight loss tips that you will hear from experts is that you should build up the muscle mass throughout your body. So, in addition to doing cardio workouts that get your heart rate up and help you burn more calories and fat, you should also be focusing on building muscle for weight loss. But why is this such an important piece of advice? Keep reading to find out.


You Will Burn Loads of Calories While Strength Training


Sure, you will burn a lot of calories during a cardio workout, but did you know that you can also burn a high amount of calories when you are strength training with weights for extra resistance? You might not be moving around as much or getting your heart rate up as high, but the calorie-burning effects will certainly be achieved. In fact, weight training for just a half hour could help you burn more than 100 calories.


You Will Keep Burning Calories at Rest


Another reason why experts recommend building muscle for weight loss is because muscles will burn more calories than fat will. You can lose fat by eating right and working out, but as you build up more muscles throughout your body, they will continue burning additional calories even when you are at rest or performing everyday tasks. This is because it takes more effort for your body to maintain those muscles. More muscle means more calories burned every day. To put things in perspective, if you have 10 pounds of muscle, it could burn around 50 calories throughout the day, even if you are at rest the whole time. On the other hand, 10 pounds of fat could only burn through around 20 calories.


The Key to Weight Loss Is the Balance


Ultimately, the best way to lose weight and keep it off is by eating right and following an exercise routine that includes both cardio and strength training. This is the road towards a higher metabolism that will burn more calories and help you maintain a healthy weight. Plus, strength training and muscle maintenance is increasingly important as you age, particularly because your metabolism will begin slowing down.


Now that you know why building muscle for weight loss is a key component to your success in slimming down, you can stop wasting time on tactics and strategies that do not work. And as you start building up those sexy muscles, you will feel stronger and more confident, too. We also recommend using Phenblue for weight management support. This over-the-counter diet pill is a popular alternative to Phentermine, which is a medication only available by prescription.