This Diet Change Burns More Fat than HIIT Workouts

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When you’re trying to keep your weight under control – especially at trying times of the year such as the holidays – knowing which option burns more fat can make a bit difference. That said, there are a very large number of options available to you, so it can be difficult to know which one – or which ones – are the very best.

Getting to know the types of fitness or diet change that burns more fat gives you the opportunity to make better choices. That way, even at a time when weight control is challenging, you can know that you’re doing everything you can to stay on track and keep the pounds from climbing.

Getting to Know What Burns More Fat

There are lots of different techniques and products that claim that choosing them burns more fat than anything else. That said, as consumers, it’s important to be informed and look past the marketing claims. While some say a pill is the key to losing weight, others say it’s high intensity interval training (HIIT). Some will say that it’s cardio exercise and others say it’s simply a matter of calorie deficit creation (calories in vs calories out).

Though strength training and cardio has been shown to help build lean muscle and burn fat, it can’t stand up to an improper diet. When it all comes down to it, what burns more fat is someone who eats the right diet and who ideally exercises regularly as well.

Diet Burns More Fat, Even Compared to Exercise

NYU Langone medical weight management program director, Holly Lofton, MD, explained that while exercise is important, proper nutrition burns more fat and is important to a much larger degree. She stated that when a person works out, it causes the body first to burn glycogen (which is what carbohydrates are called when they’re stored in the body).

The reason is that energy from carbohydrate-sourced glycogen is the fastest and most readily available. That said, once the body has burned through its stores of glycogen, it begins to work through stored body fat instead.

However, among those who are overweight and whose glycogen stores are substantial, there is a considerable struggle to burn fat because it takes too much activity to be able to burn through all the stored glycogen. Therefore, without making a substantial dietary change that will result in smaller glycogen stores in the body, it is very difficult for someone to lose weight. This is the case even if that individual exercises extensively. The simple fact is that eating right burns more fat.