Are You Crippling Your Metabolism with These Diet Mistakes?

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Did you know that certain diet mistakes aren’t just frustrating, but they could be crippling your metabolism? It’s true. There are some errors that you can make that can actually cause harm to your metabolic rate. When you start making errors that are crippling your metabolism it means that you’re slowing down your ability to lose weight. What’s worse is that at the same time that every additional pound is harder to lose but it also becomes easier to gain weight. So your goal might have been to drop 25 pounds, but soon you’ll find that you’re heavier than you were to start. If you want to avoid crippling your metabolism, then it’s a good idea to learn about some of the most problematic dieting mistakes so you will be able to avoid them.


Consider the following mistakes that could be crippling your metabolism:

You aren’t eating enough

when you eat too few calories, your body recognizes that it isn’t receiving enough energy to keep up with its needs. Its response is to automatically slow down your metabolic rate to conserve energy. Suddenly, you’ll find that you’re not losing weight nearly as quickly as you’d expected.


You cut caffeine

Caffeine is a type of stimulant. It makes you feel more alert but the caffeine in a cup of coffee can also increase your metabolic rate by between 5 and 8 percent. Some estimates say that this can help you to burn an additional 98 to 174 calories every day. A cup of green tea can raise it by 12 percent, according to a study conducted in Japan. Avoiding caffeine could therefore hold you back, particularly if you previously drank it regularly.


You eat white carbohydrates

if you’re eating white bread, pasta and rice then you are slowing down your metabolism. Boosting your fiber by upgrading to whole grains can boost your body’s fat burning ability by up to 30 percent.


You’re drinking room temperature water

hydration studies say that you should drink room temperature water. However, weight loss studies have shown that drinking at least 6 cups of cold water each day (equating to 48 ounces) will raise your metabolism so you’ll burn another 50 calories. It may be a tiny difference, but it’s these little steps that add up and make sure you’ll be able to lose weight all the faster and easier.


You think diet pills can’t help

check out a natural weight management pill like 3G Burn to learn more about its metabolism enhancers.