Top Hidden Gem Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers to Follow

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When you’re looking for dieting motivation, inspirational weight loss bloggers can go a long way toward helping you out. The reasons is that they often provide information that is far more practical and accessible than doctor or even diet program websites. Moreover, in the case of many of the top bloggers, they’ve been through it – or are still going through it.

It can feel great to read about inspirational weight loss bloggers to keep you on track. They share ideas, victories, struggles and overall make you feel like you’re not the only one experiencing what you’re going through. Weight loss is hard, but many diet program websites don’t tell you that. They’re so busy selling a product that they can make you feel isolated when you’re not successful.

The following inspirational weight loss bloggers are real people who motivate by way of sharing. Follow these hidden gems on social media to keep up with their outstanding blogs.

Inspirational Weight Loss Blogger 1 – Andie Mitchell

Andie Mitchell was a hidden gem throughout her incredible 135 pounds of weight loss. That said, along with her personal victory, she released a New York Times bestseller that is beautifully written, well thought out and completely inspirational.

The blog, however, remains the heart of her experience. That’s where followers read her outstanding recipes and applause-worthy self-tips.

Inspirational Weight Loss Blogger 2 – Keto Crystal

Keto Crystal was, herself, inspired by other weight loss bloggers. Still partway through her own weight loss journey, she regularly blogs her experiences, recipes, tips, product reviews and other useful and amusing information (including the hijinks of her best friend and furry companion, Maggie the dog).

This inspirational weight loss blogger also shares weight updates, letting followers celebrate her victories with her. By 100 days, she had already lost 27 pounds, and she has come a long way since then. The blog is further supported by an extremely active social media presence, particularly on Instagram where her following is skyrocketing.

Inspirational Weight Loss Blogger 3 – Ben Does Life

Ben Does Life is a weight loss blogger like no other. He has taken his journey toward better health to an entirely new adventurous level. The core of the blog was a five month-long walk the inspirational weight loss blogger made from Los Angeles to Boston!

He blogged the experience throughout its entire length. His own motivation is contagious, and readers can’t help but feel driven to chase their own goals, no matter how big or small. This is particularly true as the blogger simultaneously focused on weight loss and a promise he wanted to keep to his grandmother.