How to Lose Weight When You Feel Hopeless

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There are few struggles more difficult than trying to lose weight when you feel hopeless. The effort is a big enough struggle on its own. We don’t need a sensation of hopelessness to make it even worse.

Unfortunately, all too many people face the battle of trying to lose weight when you feel hopeless. It can deplete motivation levels. This may also make it difficult to exercise and stick to an eating plan.

However, even if you’re trying to lose weight when you feel hopeless, there is, in fact, still hope. Don’t give up. There are lots of things you can do to recharge your energy, your drive and your ability to achieve your goal.

Change Your Strategy to Lose Weight When You Feel Hopeless

If you’ve been trying to drop the pounds very quickly, the odds are that you’ve faced some disappointment. Either, you are not able to shed the weight as quickly as you want, or you lose several pounds quickly only to gain them back again.

Trying to achieve fast weight loss is one of the fastest roads to disappointment. It can cause you to feel like a failure. Then, you’re faced with the challenge of having to try to lose weight when you feel hopeless.

Don’t Replicate What You Saw on “The Biggest Loser”

Many experts in weight loss now believe that The Biggest Loser has actually caused more harm than good in the effort to combat the obesity epidemic. The reason is that, despite the show’s disclaimers, many people took the recommended strategies to heart. They have tried to use the techniques recommended on the show to achieve their own weight loss.

Unfortunately, this has often leads to serious metabolic problems. In fact, even the contestants on the popular show have struggled with their own metabolism issues. Nearly all the season winners have regained the weight they lost. Furthermore, many have gained even more weight than they had to begin with.

What to Do When You Need to Lose Weight When You Feel Hopeless

Your first step is to speak with your doctor. He or she can help to guide you with a healthier, more realistic strategy. It should include components such as dietary changes and exercise. That said, it may also involve stress management and better sleep practices as well.

These efforts can all help you to more realistically lose weight when you feel helpless.