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If you have not heard of mesotherapy, it might be something that you want to look into. This practice can help with weight loss, body sculpting, reducing wrinkles, and may also help with more serious medical conditions. This is not a cure-all for weight loss, but it can help when there are small problems that your diet and exercise routine are not helping. Bodies do not always go right back to pre-weight gain shape, and that is where mesotherapy can help.


Mesotherapy works much differently than other weight loss aids. This is not something you eat, and it is not major surgery. This procedure is said to be minimally invasive and targets specific areas rather than the whole body. Small injections of special herbs and other natural medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are placed in the problem area to have the biggest impact. In most cases, this can be done with little recovery time, making it far superior to liposuction, with which recovery can cost you weeks of work and income.


When mesotherapy is used for treating cellulite, for example, the procedure allows the body to do most of the work. While liposuction will remove fat, it is hit and miss and may make cellulite worse. With mesotherapy, the fat is dissolved and then removed naturally by the body. It will be removed by the kidneys in the same way that they would get rid of any fats you ingest in your diet. This allows for smoother results with far less pain and minimal, if any, recovery time.


Mesotherapy will not help if you have large amounts of fat to lose. This is something you should use when stubborn spots do not respond to diet and exercise. This might be a small pouch you have on your stomach, a double chin, stubborn fat under your arms, or even fat around the knees. Thighs are the most common spots where mesotherapy is used to the smoothing and elimination of cellulite.


As with other procedures, there are some side effects and there could be some pain. Find a qualified professional that will run down the procedure, the side effects, and what you can expect. Remember that you should always be thorough when asked what prescription drugs you are taking, as some can have bad reactions with natural herbs. It is important that you put your safety before your need to improve small parts of your body. Mesotherapy can work great at getting rid of stubborn body fat, but make sure it works safely for you.