How to Prevent Bone Loss During Weight Loss

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Prevent Bone LossWhen you decide to lose weight you tend to be so focused on that number on the scale that you can often see nothing else. You want to make these positive changes within your life and within your body, and therefore you will do whatever it takes to get you there. Though you may get caught up with the fads and trends that promote weight loss quickly and seamlessly, the end result is that you may actually harm yourself. You may find that you can hurt your body and your health if you don’t take on the proper way of losing weight in the first place. That being said you want to be sure that you know how to prevent bone loss during weight loss to think through the big picture overall—for this really does matter and a long term approach will help you tremendously!


Though you may be fixated on changing that number on the scale, that’s only part of the equation and you could be cutting yourself short. You need to be aware of the fact that if you take on short term and often harmful methods that you could be hurting your bones and your health because of it. Short term and flawed weight loss methods can help you lose weight, but they may also cause you to suffer from bone loss as a result. Though you may not directly feel this in the short term, you will notice just how much this could harm you moving forward. Bone loss now could lead to significant health problems later on, and so you really want to learn how to protect it.


If you think of how to prevent bone loss through a proper diet and a long term and healthy method, then you will be fine. This takes a long term approach, slow and steady weight loss, and a mindset that will ensure that you do this the way that you were intended to in the first place.


Include more protein in your diet: So many diets promote eating fewer carbs, and that does matter greatly. You also want to be certain that you are including more protein in your diet, for this can help with protecting and strengthening your bones too. Be certain that you focus on lean proteins for they will help to add less fat, but more of the right elements for keeping your bones strong and healthy. A diet that is rich in lean protein and lower in carbs will help you in a number of ways and ensure that your bones maintain their strength.


Be certain that you are taking in enough vitamin D and calcium: You’re losing weight and your body is changing as a result, which is mostly positive. As you are changing your body and still thinking of how to prevent bone loss you want to be certain that you add more vitamin D and calcium that will help in this capacity. You can achieve this through low fat dairy products, through a protein rich diet, and you may find that taking an extra supplement can help you to get the proper levels throughout. Being conscious of this will help you with bone strength and keeping everything running the way that it should.


Exercise more: This sounds counterintuitive to many, but the more that you exercise the more that you help protect your bones. You may tend to focus on your muscles and strength, but exercising more means less likelihood of bone loss. It really does matter, and so exercise is not only for the obvious component of losing weight, but also to help keep your health and wellbeing intact for a long time too. Following an exercise program is a great solution.


Stay away from the trends and focus instead on a healthy lifestyle: Though you may not necessarily want to hear it, one of the best ways to think through how to prevent bone loss is to diet right. You need a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise, but you also need to ensure that you aren’t losing the weight too fast either. Take your time and lose the weight slowly and you will enjoy these results for the long term, but you will also find that you help to protect your bones and ensure that bone loss is not a problem that occurs when you try to do something positive either.