Foods That Cause a Slow Metabolism

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Believe it or not, there are foods that slow metabolism as well as things on some of our foods that will slow metabolism. There are many foods that work against our metabolism and not just because it is fatty or sugary. It is because it is physically slowing your metabolism.


Foods that slow your metabolism:

Sugar: Sugar is one bad food that will take more than enough time to slow metabolism down. The sugar substitutes are also the same in the body because the body will read it the same way. It is far better to have regular granulated sugar than to have the sugar substitute. They are normally full of chemicals which causes further issues.


Fried Foods: These sinful delights such as fried chicken and other fried foods are going to taste great but will make your metabolism so sluggish. Try baking, broiling or roasting and not frying because it isn’t the animal flesh that is the issue--it’s the fat you are frying it in.


Alcohol: This is also a bad thing in the same way sugar is. Why? Because it is essentially sugar and your body reads it as such. So, more than 2 drinks a day of anything that isn’t wine--will throw your metabolism way off. Alcohol is also up to 2000 calories or more.


White Flour Products: This is breads, rice, and flour or any other white flour product. This is refined food which again--gets turned into sugar and read by the body as such. Metabolism slows down and will cause you to gain weight easier. This is especially true if you are sensitive to carbs and gain weight through carbs faster than protein.


Processed Foods: This is the biggest culprit when it comes to slowing metabolism. It is a real issue in food now in America. The foods that we and our children eat are loaded with chemical preservatives. It is responsible for the diseases we have such as diabetes and heart disease as well as obesity. This is especially true in kids because what do kids eat? Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pop tarts and everything with GMO and HFC’s in them.


There is a commonality that you have probably noticed in many of these foods and that is sugar. Almost every one of these aforementioned foods has a conversion to sugar at some point in its travel through the body. It is a good thing to just strike these things from your diet to stop slowing metabolism.