Yummy Vegan Weight Loss Meals You’ll Love to Eat

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Whether you eat a plant-based diet or have decided to enjoy meatless Mondays, vegan weight loss meals that taste great are always welcome. When you first decide to opt for meals without meat, it can seem as though your options are limited. It can also be challenging to balance your nutrition.

The reason isn’t that there are limited choices for vegan weight loss meals. It also isn’t difficult to obtain all the nutrition you need. The reason it is difficult is because you’re not used to it. By eating animal-based products, you’ve automatically had a number of your nutrition bases covered. Now, you need to look elsewhere, which means learning more about the foods you eat.

Vegan Weight Loss Meal Ideas

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas for vegan weight loss meals. These are both weight loss friendly and honor a plant-based diet’s restrictions. Consider the following for your next meal.

Stir Fried Tofu with Garden Veggies

Want vegan weight loss meals that are delicious, nutritious and easy on the wallet? Stir fry some tofu in olive oil, using veggies from your garden (or farmers market) and herbs you grow in your own window box. Serve over a bed of fragrant or brown rice. This meal is filling and delicious.

It is packed with nutrients and if you make enough of it, it will even provide you with a lunch for the next day. Suddenly, you’ve saved yourself the effort of having to think of something for another meal!

Grilled Stuffed Bell Peppers

Cut the top off a bell pepper and scoop out the seeds. Now you have a delicious and practical container for what will become one of your favorite vegan weight loss meals. Add some sautéed onion to some whole wheat couscous. Stir in some fresh herbs like parsley or basil leaves. Once your bell peppers are grilled, fill them with your mixture and serve with a broccoli salad. The colors alone are a feast!

Zucchini Noodles with Stewed Tomatoes

Love pasta but eat too much of it? Try zucchini noodles you’ve made quickly and easily with a spiralizer. Top with some stewed tomatoes instead of spaghetti sauce. Add some fresh basil and oregano. Go ahead and have a slice of crusty bread with it if you want; guilt free! Your pasta is made from a zucchini, not flour! The perfect vegan weight loss meals.