Weight Loss Before and After Photos are the Top Dieting Motivator

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We’ve all seen weight loss before and after photos in many different settings. Some are used to sell products. Others are shared on social media as our friends and family celebrate their successes. However, new research is now suggesting that they are also an incredible motivational tool.

Using Weight Loss Before and After Photos to Motivate

The research involved a survey of 2,000 women who were dieting. What it determined was that about 70 percent of the survey participants felt that social media helped them to lose weight. This support came in many forms, including watching fitness videos, following influencers, seeing inspirational quotes and tips and seeing pictures of other people who had already reached their goals.

Of all the various factors women used from social media, it was the weight loss before and after photos that made the most difference. When they saw pictures of people who had lost the pounds, it helped them to know that they could reach their goals, too. No matter how far a person felt from reaching their goals, they felt that they would be able to achieve it when they saw pictures of someone else who had done it.

The Power of Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Marketers have always known that weight loss before and after photos could have a motivational effect. Now, this new study is helping to demonstrate just how powerful that influence truly is. People see the before photos as a representation of themselves as they are. They then see the after photos as something they could be. Moreover, because it is a picture of someone else who has already done it, it shows that it is indeed possible.

The weight loss before and after photos help the dieters to be able to visualize their successes. As visualization exercises are among the most motivational tools in dieting, this is an important feature. The pictures offer a more concrete image upon which to base their goal visualization. With that tool, they not only are basing their visualization less on their imagination, but they know that it has been done by someone like them. As a result, they don’t have to guess at whether or not it is actually possible.

Therefore, if you’re struggling for your own motivation, you may consider following other dieters on social media. You might find their progress photos are just the boost you need to get there! Here is a collection of inspiring before and after weight loss photos we found on YouTube