Weight Loss Plateau Tips You'll Wish You Knew

Weight Loss Plateau Tips You'll Wish You'd Known a Month Ago

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We’ve collected some of the best weight loss plateau tips to help you to break through the frustrating stall you’re seeing on the bathroom scale. After all, while many people may think that gaining a pound while trying to lose is disheartening, staying at the exact same point for weeks on end is more frustrating by a longshot.

Weight Loss Plateau Tips to Smash Through the Barrier

There is no shortage of weight loss plateau tips out there to help you out.  Unfortunately, not all of them work.  Moreover, among those that do work, they don’t work for everyone. Therefore, when you’re looking to blat your way out of your stuck point, you need to know how to create the strategy that is right for you.

Instead of getting discouraged, focus your energy on these weight loss plateau tips to give you a customized strategy for returning your fat loss progress and preventing things from grinding to a halt yet again.

Weight Loss Plateau Tips to Use Today

If you’re struggling with stalled progress, then you’re ready to begin using these helpful weight loss plateau tips right away.  These leave fads behind and focus on practical, science-backed information recommended by the Mayo Clinic.

1 – Take a Second Look at Your Habits

Examine your habits as though you’re starting your diet for the first time.  If you have food or activity logs, this will become much easier.  Be sure you haven’t been slipping on your strategy in ways you hadn’t realized.  Research has shown that being off-and-on or a little bit looser about your rules than you were at the beginning are both common causes of plateaus.

2 – Trim Your Calories

Depending on how much weight you lost before plateauing, you may find that this is one of the weight loss plateau tips you didn’t realized existed. Provided that your calories don’t drop below 1,200 per day, you may want to consider further cutting back on your daily range.  It could be that you’ve lost enough weight since you fist started your weight loss efforts that your body now requires fewer than it did to maintain itself at a larger size.

3 – Give Your Workout a Boost

Before you say that this isn’t one of the beneficial weight loss plateau tips for you, read on.  Yes, you may be keeping up your habit of 30 minutes of exercise per day on most days of the week, but have you upgraded them recently? It could be that you’ve become fitter and the exercises you have been doing aren’t challenging your muscles like they used to. Add some intensity to your thirty minutes.  Work faster, do more reps, or lift heavier.  This will help you to return your body to burning more calories again.

4 – Become More Active Overall

Aside from your daily workout, try to be more active overall. Take the stairs, walk the escalator, and bike to the corner store instead of taking the car.  Do some more yard work or give your home a thorough cleaning. The more you’re active overall, the more calories you’ll burn.

These weight loss plateau tips will help you to break through your rut, prevent another one from happening, and keep you moving forward toward your goal.