The Answers to the Top Weight Loss Questions January 2018

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When it comes to weight loss, there’s a lot more to it than calories in and calories out. This may play a role but there are dozens, if not hundreds of different factors to consider along the way. They include everything from nutrition to diet pill ingredients, and from overcoming injuries to following the right diet or fitness program.


The following are some of the top weight loss questions asked by users as well as their answers.


• What's good cardio I can do when I have a busted ankle?


Before exercising with an injury, it’s always a good idea to speak with a doctor. The reason is that parts of the body are connected in unexpected ways and exercising with the best intentions can risk making things worse or even injuring new parts of the body that are compensating for the hurt ones. While you may be able to get some great cardio while your ankle is healing, it’s a very good idea to seek that advice from your doctor or a physical therapist.


Is green tea actually proven for weight loss?


Green tea has a large and growing body of research surrounding its many benefits including those regarding weight loss. While few would consider this diet pill ingredient to be proven (very few substances have achieved that designation among the medical community), there is a substantial amount of evidence suggesting that it has many properties that may help dieters in reaching their goals.

• What is the Werewolf Diet and is that a joke?


While the Werewolf Diet – also known as the Lunar Diet or the Moon Diet – is not a joke, it is typically considered to be a fad diet as it isn’t a strategy most people will follow over the long term. It involves following one of two diet plans, the “Basic Moon Plan” or the “Extended Moon Plan,” each of which recommend various forms of fasting based on the moon’s cycle.

• Will not getting enough sleep effect my weight loss goals?


Yes! Very much. Your sleep plays a number of vital roles not only in your body’s ability to lose weight efficiently, but also your own ability to make the right food choices, eat the right portion sizes and keep up with your workouts.

• Do you burn a lot of calories through sex?


Contrary to popular belief, sex doesn’t provide much of a workout in terms of calorie burning. While it does burn some calories during the most intensely active moments, unless those were to continue intensely for a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes, there typically isn’t enough calorie burning to call it a workout. While many people can have some moments of intense physical activity, it is rare for that particular portion of the act to be maintained over an extended length of time.


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