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How long before I notice effects

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  • How long before I notice effects

    I'm considering Alli. What I would like to know is how long on average is it before you start to feel the effects of this diet pill? Anyone take it and want to share their experience? Thanks :D
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    If you mean in terms of how long before you notice side effects, probably within a couple of days. In terms of actual weight loss, probably after a week of being on it (as long as you've been taking it as directed).


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      I think it pretty much depends on what you eat. It's a fat blocker. If you use it properly and cut back on the fat in your meals, you won't really feel anything but it will help to reduce your fat absorption in your body. If you eat too much...then you'll feel something because you'll get side effects like gas, diarrhea and other uncomfortable digestive things


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        If you eat a fatty'll notice pretty fast. Stay near a bathroom.


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          I just don't trust fat blockers. They don't help you to stop eating wrong after you're done using them, so the moment you stop, you'll just gain back anything you managed to lose in the first place. I don't get why they're not considered fads.


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