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    Does anybody know of a good (and affordable) drug plan that will cover the cost of weight loss pills that are prescription? I don’t mind if I have to get the generic ones for the most coverage, but I really find that these pills are way too expensive to even be able to try them for one month unless I have some sort of plan. Is there one that I can get that costs less than a prescription for this medication every month? I don’t want to get the prescription until I have the plan in place so the sooner I know the better.

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    I don't think the basic plans have it. You could find that you can get coverage if it's to help you to reduce your blood pressure through weight loss, ect. You won't get coverage if it's cosmetic, though


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      My plan doesn't cover them but I know someone who has one that does. they'r eout there/


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        some cover, some don't. Just call your agent/company and ask


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          You won't just get coverage for losing weight in most plans. It has to be prescribed as a part of a program to reduce the symptoms of another condition like high blood pressure or something like that.
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