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Addiction: How bad is it?

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  • Addiction: How bad is it?

    Hi everyone. I'm curious as to just how bad addiction can be if you get addicted to prescription diet pills. Also, is it possible to overcome the addiction? How long does it last?

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    It's possible to overcome any addiction. The addiction with diet drugs can be bad because you will feel like you need to take them and if you don't you can suffer from withdrawal symptoms which could be very physically and emotionally unpleasant. That's why you should be monitored when you take these drugs and why they are often prescribed for no more than 12 weeks.
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      As with most addiction, it's bad when you need to stop taking the pills because your body can go through a whole mess of unpleasant side effects that can negatively impact your both physically and emotionally. Addiction typically lasts forever, as in, once you're addicted to something you kind of always are so you can't take it anymore. At least, that's how I always understood it.


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        You can overcome any addiction tammybear. That said, depending on the addiction it can be really hard. Also, before you can get over the addiction, the first important step is realizing that you have an addiction. The second step is doing something about it.


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          It's bad because those who are addicted to it are abusing the use of it. They are no longer taking the drug because of its benefits but because they feel they need it. As far as I understand it, you never actually overcome an addiction in that you're always an addict. You can get over the withdrawal symptoms and avoid taking the pills and move on with your life, but you won't be able to take the pills again.


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