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  • Is there a difference?

    Hi I am new here, but I have a question regarding phentermine. My regular md was prescribing me 37.5 phentermine once a month. I would get it filled at the Walgreens pharmacy. It worked amazing, I love it. I felt alert, focused, full of energy, and lack of appetite. I recently had to change my insurance to kaiser and they would not continue my prescription, of course. I decided to go to a weight loss DR to continue my prescription until I meet my goal weight. The DR gave me a prescription of 37.5mg phentermine, but instead of me taking a written form to the pharmacy, he had the pills in his office and he brought me out a bottle of them. When I took one the next day I noticed that it was not even comparable to the ones I got just a month ago at the regular pharmacy. Is this possible? I don't have any energy, I actually get tired midday and my appetite is not curved nearly as much, oh and I don't feel focused at all. Does any one here know why this could happen? What it means? Did the DR at the weight loss place pull a fast one on me? The tablets (they were both the white tablet with blue speckles) look exactly the same as the ones from Walgreens. Any info would be great. Thank you.

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    Um, that sounds a little sketchy to me that he'd just give you the pills like that without writing you a prescription. I personally wouldn't take them anymore if they weren't working and I'd talk to my actual doctor about it right away.


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      I agree with Char. It does sound sketchy but there may be a couple reasons why these new pills aren’t working for you.

      It’s possible that since you’ve taken phentermine before that you’ve built up a tolerance to the drug so it’s simply not working as effectively anymore.

      This drug has been known to lose its effectiveness after a while.
      Also, it may be that the bottle you were given was an old bottle and/or stale so it’s potency level wasn’t what it should be and that’s the reason why it’s not working.

      Also, it’s possible that this weight loss doctor gave you something that looks like phentermine but isn’t.

      It’s concerning to me that this doctor didn’t write you a prescription for the pills. This makes me wonder if he even has a license to prescribe.

      I would highly recommend that you contact your actual MD immediately and explain the situation to him/her and tell him/her exactly what you’re taking and find out if you should continue taking it (if you still are) or if you should stop taking it.

      I would definitely NOT go back to that weight loss doctor and from this point on you should only take prescription drugs prescribe by legitimate doctors and filled by legitimate pharmacies.


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        Talk to your real doctor and tell him/her exactly what happened, what you're taking and how it's making you feel. Let them know exactly what's going on and do it right away. I know you want to lose weight (trust me I understand) and I know it's hard when you don't have the support of your insurance company (I understand that all too well also) but your health is more important.


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