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    I was put on Meridia a couple years ago by my doctor because I was very obese. It is an appetite suppressant so unlike a fat burner it controls your brain so that you feel "fuller" and satisfied with less food. I still got hungry, but I ate less and over a period of 6 months I lost 50 lbs. It gave me more energy and I really felt really good when I was on it because it has a mild anti-depressant in it as well. It really helped control those after dinner cravings. I found that if I ate at night, I would not loose weight. I had make sure I did my eating mainly during the day and meridia helped me control this.

    I should add that the effects of meridia took about 3 weeks to kick in so you have to be a bit patient. You also have to do regular exercise as I found the drug works better if you are active. The only side effects I had was a dry mouth but this was easily remedied by drinking lots of water which you should do when you are loosing weight anyways and also it made me a bit constipated.
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