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  • Fat Blockers

    Here's a few things you should know before you take fat blockers:

    - they don't distinguish between good fats and bad fats, so you're blocking omega 3's and all of the good ones you should be getting

    - you're making it harder to get fat soluble vitamins absorbed into your body, risking deficiency.

    Careful what pills you pick!

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    You should also know that because they block fat, what goes in must come out...urgently and in a messy way!


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      Fat blockers also often come with a number of side effects - some that you can control (such as by eating less fat) - but others that you can't. It can make weight loss very uncomfortable.
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        I don't really think that fat blockers are the way to go. They don't teach you to eat right, they just punish you if you eat too many fats.

        Take an appetite suppressant, instead, if you need extra help from a diet pill. At least you'll get to learn more about the foods you're eating if you dedicate yourself to it, and you won't feel as hungry. No embarrassing side effects, too.


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          I know they're not the same, but does anyone know if fat burners are actually effective? I never understand exactly how they work. How do they know that they're burning fat and not something else?

          I imagine the answer is simple and I just made an idiot of myself, but there you have it


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