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Babies, Sleep and Weight loss

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  • Babies, Sleep and Weight loss

    I read this on Yahoo the other day about babies and weight gain:

    A new Harvard study finds that babies and toddlers who sleep fewer than 12 hours daily are at greater risk for being overweight in preschool, startling evidence that the link between sleep and obesity may affect even very young children.
    TV viewing heightened the effect. The children who slept the least and watched the most television had the greatest chance of becoming obese.


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    oh really but i dn't think that this could be true practically! a baby should be able to take weight in order to grow! they need butrition rich for them! i just do not believe it!


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      I think I have the explanation just why sleep deprivation can lead to obesity even in children. Their bodies work just like that of the adults, when we lack sleep, what do we do? we eat, we eat for a past time because we have nothing else to do at night. That is exactly what's happening to our kids, they lose their habit of regular sleep and turn to the TV set for some kiddie shows and then mommies bring them food to eat.

      that's the reason why more American children are obese. take people who go on a night shift, nurses, call center agents, they all work during the night and to keep awake, they need the to eat or drink something. and often, the foods that they choose are all sugar and empty calories. In order to prevent your child from being overweight, mommies need to implement a regular habit each night. eat, bath, bed. that should be what children are doing instead of skipping meals, bathing early, then watch TV while eating junks.


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        Somehow, the brain sends signals to the fat cells and to the stomach to change the production of these hormones that regulate appetite to tell them, 'Eat, eat..
        And that's why probably sleep deprivation stimulates hunger, and that's why people eat more, and that's maybe why when you sleep too little, you have a tendency to gain weight..


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          I watched something about that on television a few years ago. Its actually for the same reason as many people who skip meals are fat.
          Because you lack energy you pick up something easy that can be eaten fast to get thaz energy quicker (crisps,chocolate.cake etc.) And then your hungry again and eat more at meal times. So its when we lack energy we try to replace it, another way i know this is by veing bipolar. Before i was put on tablets people would know when my mood was getting lpw- before it would drop completely i would eat rubbish food and vast amounts, and put ot down to being tired and trying to get that oomph back. ;-)sorry i babble a bit but i like to share my findings


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            Yeah even i read that news but have not found any possible solution for this.


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